You should know what is LTE

In this modern world, we are bound to come across this, and for those of you who is still not sure like how i was just a few hours back, it is time to really know what it is about because more or less, you will be likely to come across this.

I came across an email, promoting the new Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTE, and i don’t know why for so many times i kept looking at it, trying to figure out what it means, but i didn’t bother to find out what it was.

galaxy s4 posterthis came as part of my email, so i screened shot it, and along with the email came,

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 8.20.39 PM

and in my mind i was like , it must be a new screen or something, or it could be some new pen scribble ‘thing’.

After awhile, i decided “Okay, that’s enough, I’m a man, and every man should be updated with its surroundings about gadget (i guess unless you plan to live under a rock) , to keep up to date with what’s going on, in this world.” and at least when someone comes to you and say, “Hey sir, would you like to come and buy our phone that comes with LTE? and i would say like what is LTE? with that blur newbie-noobsy face that looks so lost , and then he/she would think in the back of his/her head, here we go again i have to explain this all over again and again for the 9999999.99 times with this.


Here’s to summarise what i managed to get out from a few websites from google searches (im sure you can google it out more)

  • Long Term Evolution(LTE) aka Super 3G aka 4G – remember that
  • It is part of the the 3GPP Family Technology Evolution
  • It is like 3G (if you have used a mobile phone, and surf the net, most likely you’ve been using 3G or applied of a mobile data plan that uses 3G) except its even way faster, like super fast, that why its called super 3G
  • It offers high speed downloads of surfing, downloading at a faster rate on your mobile.
  • Must be used at a place with a 4G network area, or else you will likely be using 3G. in which other case, you can see it as, if you’re in a middle of a desert with a phone but no company building a telephone network there, you’re most likely unable to call anyone.
  • It is a mobile network, not a LCD screen, or a pen scribbly thing. (HAHA! yes.. its not)

Yes and with that, i hope you can also learn what I’ve learnt and hopefully when someone comes up to you and say LTE, you’ll be like

I hope you can now share this knowledge about LTE with your friends, Share the Love. šŸ˜€

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