Looking up to the sky

Every once a while i look up to the sky
wondering about the things that comes by
the skies plays a skit travelling back in time
the clouds making images of recollection times

The ones that was lost soon began to unfold,
because truth to be told, it was always there in one’s soul
I tend to avoid the things that I don’t want to see,
but little that i know, that the things plays a part of being me.

I breathed in deep and i let out a big sigh,
open my arms and spread my hands out wide
listen to the silence that goes through my mind
connect to the sound that the world helps to define

Accept that things are meant what it is to be,
accept the ups and downs of reality,
i look down to the ground, walk with a smile,
that 10 seconds of thought made it all worthwhile.

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