Weekly Photo Challenge : From Above

Flip flops

Instinct Flip Flops from TFFT(The Flip Flop Shop)


I’m so EX-cited!, to be posting a new weekly challenge, really… Im serious.

actually, its because of all the time I’ve been stressing on something to write about, and i was actually confused between a few challenges i had on my reader cause i couldn’t pick one to stick with. There was another ‘a word a week’ challenge, and this photo challenge, and another daily prompt challenge, which is more of writing and expressing, but if you’ve been doing all those challenges, I’m sure you would know all of em’ and the daily prompts especially, is a challenge, cause i’ve not managed to postaday, everyday. HAH. Kudos to those who are able to post almost everyday.

Ok sidetracked 😀
This week challenge, I’ve managed to actually bought two pairs of flip flops from TFFT (The flip flop shop)  at Jurong Point. From above, is the picture of my two new flip flops, and i got the blue instinct for $16.90 and the black for $19.90.


The lady who was attending to me, was kind enough to help me with finding my size, it felt good, i decided to buy two pairs. (Investment, that was what i was thinking of, well at least i can switch around whenever i feel like it, and make them last longer). It was cheaper then i thought, because my previous flip-flop was an expensive brand for $40, which didn’t feel as comfortable as the new ones i bought. (like always, branded stuffs are normally overpriced. $$)

If you have a need for Flip Flops, then you could come by TFFT in Singapore. Cheers!


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