Daily Prompt: Success!

Today’s daily prompt,
Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did

Wow, this was somehow a bit of challenge to me, and that’s probably because I’ve never really thought of asking myself this kind of question, but i guess i could say that the best thing I’d ever hope for that actually happened was getting into polytechnic studies.

I’ve never really thought that i would even reach this stage, ok wait, let me just give a bit of history. I was born in (the land before time), in a generation of family, where studies wasn’t our strong forte. Most of those whom i know, close aunts and uncles, including my family, work hard after completing basic education.

Upon completing my secondary school education, i went into ITE ( Institute of Technical Education) studying IT, and also simply because i had no interest in studying all the boring subjects and to continue to take my O’levels. I choose IT simply because, it was the only thing i could have had an interest with, games, internet, i mean, and that point of time, having to learn about IT, was the in thing. I was badass with computers. The badass of all badass because computer was like my life. I would have recalled using the computer about more then 15 hours a day and other days even more, which i highly don’t recommend.

My cousin closest to me is already working off to pay the bills, and even my younger sister was working. In fact, I’m the only one of my ‘age'( okay this was 3 years ago) that should have been thinking of working, but no, i didn’t.

After i graduated from ITE, i thought that i was actually quite pleased with myself, and a lot of people were discussing about what they want to do, and it just happened that there was  career fairs going around all the polytechnic schools, looking at the different courses they had to offer, and i was just trying to see if i can manage to get a spot. Back then, getting into a polytechnic school was hard enough, and most of my friends just wanted to serve National Service and then get on with work. I was thinking at the back of my mind, that if I actually can go up for further studies, it will benefit my future, and it will also break the barrier that my line of family has and for once I wanted to prove to myself and my family, that we are not just hard workers, but also smart workers.

Results came in, and i was actually admitted to Republic Polytechnic. It was one of the best things that I’ve hoped for not only because I had managed to prove it right, but also because it really change the course of my life.

And now, I’ve come to the stage of where I’ve ended my polytechnic studies, and soon be serving my National Service. I’d hope to go for university studies if possible and/or work at the same time.

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