Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

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Hi Mom!

Mother’s day was awesome. The times we spent together. I could have remembered all the rest of celebrating Mothers Day, but this year was special because we had quite a deep talk with each other. We had a talk about what was the thing you feel you had changed from last time until now, and though it was a little awkward at first(because honestly we’ve never really shared and talk about this kind of thing), it felt good at the end.

I remembered how I told you, that you had sacrifice a lot of yourself for me throughout this years.

Mum, I remember when you always told me that the doc’ said I was to be sent to special school because I had some problem, but you refused to give up and send me there. Instead you showered me with your undivided attention, and younger sis had to also learn to give in to me and learn to be more independent. You self-taught me, to pick up and learn things, and I don’t know how you have managed to do that.

I remember the mistakes and scoldings, but you know when to grab me and catch me back into your arms when i needed comfort and forgiveness. (Yes, i still somehow do need that)

I remember when we came back from Australia after a problem, and as much as you were trying to struggle to keep the family going, and trying to find a job, you didn’t give up on my education. You took my hand and we walked down each and every school that rejected my entry, and never quit until you managed to find me a school. You went all the way to the Ministry to get me studying back again.

You understood my teen years growing up, you gave and take, all those wild years i had before me. You took note of me smoking, having peircings, drinking, but you always advice me whenever you can.  I was drunk once, and you carried me from the neighbourhood, all the way to my bed.

I understand it wasn’t in your nature, from a strict parent, to change to a parent that is more understanding, but you did it anyway. Your sacrifice is way beyond, and that’s the strength I hope to have as well when i grow up. I’d never had to lie to you no matter how bad it is, and that was also because you taught me really well. You taught me how to handle things, at the same time, you allowed me to discover my own mistakes. You showed the right and wrong, at the same time, you allowed me to choose my path in life.

Thank you Mum.

This year, my sis and I had planned up a surprise for Mum, it was something that she had always wanted. We went out to celebrate with Sis and Grandma,

Mum loved Korean shows, and this and that, so this time round and we had BBQ Chicken for dinner that has Korean BBQ Cuisine kind of food.

Mum eating Mushroom Soup

Mum eating Mushroom Soup

Mum eating Cheese Fries

Mum eating Cheese Fries


Sister at BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken's Chickens

BBQ Chicken’s Chickens

Grandma’s shy, Sorry!


At the end of the day, Mum came home to a surprise. We walked around shopping centres and she always talk about this Nescafe Dolce Gusto, and every time she said she wanted it, we never really had it because it wasn’t really a need, but after a month of planning, sis, her boyfriend and I decided to buy the Automatic model for her.

I wasn’t there when she opened the present ’cause we don’t stay together, but sis did told me that she was jumping for joy and it was for so long that she’s seen her so happy in her life. Im still glad and happy for her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers !

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