Gas Station Singing Couple

Pumpcast News Will Gas Pump Station

Lately, I’ve found a cool new video, a guy who’s apparently pumping gas at a station was surprised by PumpCast News, Tonight show with Jay Leno.. Talk about showmanship. They reminded me that we should learn to express ourselves more freely. I really enjoy the way they sang, and the connection they had with each other. Such a sweet couple.

Here’s the second video, where they eventually got invited to the show.

I kinda imagined whether we would all do the same thing if approached like this in the gas station, would you?

Personally for me, i might have the shock of my life, and perhaps sing some random Westlife Song, or Backstreet Boys, and even N’sync (POP baby) perhaps other than the normal Top 40 radio song.

Which got me thinking, I need to go karaoke more now to improve by frog voice. 😉

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