The result of my driving

The title is really, weird. I’m laughing about how ‘cool’ it seems because I have no better idea of what title to put for tonight’s post.

After a long day, I’m finally here again, writing about what today might seem. I have to say, today was,

Result of my driving test

Well, that being shown, I’m actually very glad. Upon receiving the paper at hand, I can honestly tell you, it felt like a huge weight on my shoulder was lifted on instantaneously.
I think i was even more relieved when I got into the photography section, smiling away, getting my photo taken, though i feel the instructors were more relieved to see me away because I’ve been their true fan for years now, and I’ve just passed. (Yes, it took me 3 1/2 years to pass my license because i was taking my own sweet time strolling down every lesson, you might have done it faster than me, i know…)

I did take into consideration what the instructors had said to me the other day, even with the two practices i had before the test itself, “be friendly and humble” he said. A few more other things as well.

Right after I passed, my mum whatsapped me, saying congratulations, and ask me to drive her to Tampines Ikea soon, talked about how this was a blessing because i had treated her for dinner and gave her presents on Mother’s day and how god helps us to lighten our work and what we do (AWW mum… 😀 )

and then, she just had to do it,
“okay next time buy for me air ticket ok. HA HA! “

Awhile later, Sis called me and said
“Congratulations, now can drive me to go fishing” 

I just realised, wow, having a car license, just created more expectations. You know how the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibilities.” Yes the power to drive to car just come with more responsibilities now. 🙂

That being said, I hope to get on the road soon with Mum by my side, to guide me where to go, and hopefully to ride around Singapore and on the expressway, without the congested traffic hopefully.

Have a happy Thursday !

Stoner, signing off.. VRROOOMMM!  (car acceleration) 😉


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