Daily Prompt : Memories For Sale

Today’s daily prompt suggests, me to talk about

On a weekend road trip, far away from home, you stumble upon a garage sale in a neighborhood you’re passing through. Astonished, you find an object among the belongings for sale that you recognize. Tell us about it.

Across the ocean of clouds, shimmering small patches of light spread across a crowded streets in town. It was a Sunday evening and the sun was soon setting in, and that was where the ‘cool kids’ went. Dressed in their knicks and checkered pants, a V-neck shirt, throwing a cool blazer or a shawl perhaps to match the incoming crowd. the girls are ready to make do with what they have, their worn dresses were on the silver stand, in fact there were many silver stands.

The surrounding lights played a huge factor, that little bit of spot light, shines the glittery silver beads, a part of the black dress that was on sale. It reminded me of a disco light in movies though I might have seen it in one of those old collector’s item shop.

Strolling along past the aisle, tables were placed in ‘specific’ areas, and assumed that they were placed as a strategy to attract the biggest crowd. Clothes was the major player, in fact most of them were selling clothes, and at some point of time, there were jewelries and some section where random toys and gadgets were being displayed. I walked past these areas, trying to squeeze through the constant group of girls that was fumbling through owl rings, and shiny drop down earrings, the group of crowd that was trying to decide on which color USB cable matched their phone cover or charger.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but that moment, as i was glancing past, a few accessories on a random store, i came across something familiar.


Neither did The watches beside it , nor the random new plushies or new usb cables, meant more than what i saw. The ‘Digimon’ handheld game.

Wait up, before that, just click on the video first, if you want to have more of a feel, while reading this. 🙂

The memories of having to hold one felt like I was transformed back to 1999, where the battles of Digimon began to spread across the school like wildfire. The ‘awesome ones’ have a digimon packed in their school bag. During recess time, we would have fought each other in a ‘heat’ battle. Connecting the link between two of these games, facing each other with the handheld connected by a port at the end. I was succumbed to keep on going after every winning battle.

Back home, i had kept my ‘digimon’ by my side, attending to its food, water, medicines, sleep, training and most importantly its ‘shit’ . He slept by my bed, and we grew accustomed to having each other.

The feeling that has caught me by surprise, it reminded me where life was simple, and yet so mysterious. It also reminded how simple these things have kept me happy and entertained.

I walked past again, smiled at the owner, for she had just sold me back a part of my memory.

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10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Memories For Sale

  1. It did not ring a bell till I heard the music…my grand daughter played with this. Lol between this and furby, I don’t know which one I spent more time feeding lol…Thank you for sharing.

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