Daily Prompt: Helping Hand

Daily prompts comes out with good questions, and for today, the topic is ;

Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.

The most surprising helping hand huh, Hmmmm. Good question!

There was a time, the land before time,  where i wanted to feel better. I wanted to feel more muscular and i felt like i wanted to go and train myself and work out. I was so eager to go the gym at school, but at the same time i felt quite intimidated by the people there, those guys who were bigger than me, with their huge arms, comparing them to my skinny arms, every now and then.

I didn’t know what to do or where to start. I started following people blindly, and copy what they do, and i was already struggling halfway through each set. The cold stares didn’t help either. I didn’t  know what i was doing, really.

After some time going to the gym, i kept seeing the regulars who were always there and one time, I was approached by a few people  at different times who’s training in the gym, and surprisingly they came up to me and decided to help me out with my weight training and push me harder so i can get the best reps possible. I can’t carry heavy for nuts,so they told me to start slowly with a lower weight.

Never be afraid to start small, and light.

and i also realised later that’s its not really about the size of that metal plates that matters but about doing it right.

Some other important thing that helped was they had find the time to explain the proper technique, like not to shift your body while doing hammer curls, example.

They also taught me breathing techniques and when to breathe in and out.  The good advice they gave me allowed me to understand that going to the gym, is not just about working out, its also about being humble, and helping each other out whenever possible.

They  literally  gave me a helping hand, while doing my set, to help my push my weights when i was struggling.

I think its just that common courtesy of gyming, and i think that its a good thing to practice over now and then.

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