3 Days Hiatus

English: Bintan Island

English: Bintan Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ending the night with a note to say that I won’t be on update for awhile because I going on a family trip to Bintan for 3 days. I’m not I ‘too sure’ on whether the place that I’m going will have an Internet connection, or a centre, and if I still do, I will try to update the daily prompts.

I will try to take as much photos as I can, and share with you the things that I will experience once I’m back so keep on a lookout for that!

I will miss you, my macbook, my charger, my simple desk, that’s been helping me for years now, shall i mention it again, I miss you , i want to give you readers a good hug. See you when i see you.

Good Nights!

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