Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

Today’s Daily Prompt

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Nasri. My full name is Nasri Nasir, ‘Nasir’ being my dad’s name. That’s how they normally do it. My name goes first, then my father’s name.

Nazri Nasir teaching Secondary School Kids

Nazri Nasir teaching Secondary School Kidsvia http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4047/4463849273_bb163f651d.jpg 

I’ve a few stories behind my name. Mum told me that they named me after a guy called Nazri Nasir, a retired football player in Singapore whom i believe was popular among the Soccer community, in Singapore. I knew very little of him except that he was quite the legend, winning a few tournaments in Asia.

I think back then, my parents might have look up to him, and since the name was so popular,  my dad ‘Nasir’ decides to give me that name, except changing the Z with and S, but why? I have no idea. Maybe it might sound nicer, or unique, or could have been because they wanted me to be a soccer player, a legend.

My dad used to be a goalkeeper back during his younger days, that’s what he said, or at least that’s what I know so far, maybe that’s why he named me that way. It could also be because my name and his name, is just switching the letter ” I and R “.

I think i have to say, not all kids are given a chance to be wanted by their parents to play soccer, but my parents used to send me over for soccer school training, when i was at 9 or so, but being the so ‘lost in my own world’ type of person, i found talking to the birds near the soccer field during training much more interesting then playing soccer itself, eventually having me lost interest in the game and not attending the classes, and so i guess they’ve agreed then that I’m not a ‘soccer’ person. (Sorry Mum and Dad! )

In Arabic, Nasri would mean ‘of Victory’ , that’s what I managed to found out. If that was what they thought of when trying to find me a name, then that would be a really amazing name. Of Victory!

Victory it shall be, by the power invested in me,  the name of Nasri’ you shall be victorious!

Also, when meeting newly met strangers who ask me what’s my name, I would answer “Nasri” and responses i might get would be like, “you mean like the famous soccer, Samir Nasri?”

I would gladly then say “yeah like that Samir Nasri”

and even though I’m not much of a soccer person, I do occasionally support the guy who m I’ve the same name with, whom used to be with Arsenal back then, though now he’s with Manchester City. Still support Arsenal though when there’s a show going on.

So, in theory, does having a name ‘Nasri’ links to soccer?

I’ve decided to take a step further to find out, if other ‘Nasri’s out there’ are soccer players, and

and photographer with the name Nasri

and a lebanese classical singer with the name of Nasri . See I’m not alone!

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