Graduation, Republic Polytechnic Memories.

The graduation still lingers at the back of my head. I remembered waking up to my Mum’s voice as she arrives at my place, agreeing to pick me up so that she can bring me to school. I was still asleep when she arrived, and that moments took me some time to digest and collect my thoughts together, today, this is it.

After so many years putting so much effort, the countless days going to and fro this amazing part of life,  putting sweat, time and dedication to ensure that I can get a good qualification has finally ended. If flipping a book was as ideal as the story in my life, this chapter, this story, is the part where the it has come to an end, followed by another page continuing another story.

Preparing the night before, I’ve actually gathered all my things, ready to go, and because I’ve just passed my driving license just a few weeks back, I took the opportunity to drive to school with my Mum beside me because i told her I wanted to go school earlier. Mum went back to her house after, and prepared to come back to school to see me graduate.

Reaching the school brings me brings me back to an uplifting spirit. Maybe it’s because I’ve not been around school for quite some time. It also felt like because of the people who were there. I saw familiar faces, once, twice, and then it just multiplied, soon one after another, the place gets crowded.

Registering with my other classmates, we had to separate ourselves from our parents, and get prepared for the ceremony. I was taken to another room, for briefing and was in a holding area, waiting to collect my certificate on stage.

The stage was a nervously intense process. It wasn’t like I was going to sing in front of an audience, or do a speech, but it was still scary, but as soon as my name was called, I walked straight towards to guest of honour whom I’m supposed to shake my hands with, and i heard “‘Go Stoner’!”, somewhere near the front seats of the auditorium where the ceremony was held. It felt great to know that someone out there is cheering for you. Straight away, that scaredy cat ‘feeling’ just woosh away.

With Mum

The ceremony was over, but it’s not all over yet. What would a graduation be without photos? Definitely a must.

Mr Daniel, Faci for Airport Planning and Design

Dr Goh, Faci for Airport Management

There were the few facilitators that have actually helped me during my studies. I can’t actually imagine what to do without them, because there were some point of time, when I felt like I  have no clue at what’s going on at all, but these few faci’s were there to help me out, never gave up or lost hope on my grades, or influenced me to even do better during their class. Not all the faci’s are inside the picture above though.

Some of the classmates still keeps me wondering, whether I’ll meet them in the workforce later on. The constant group of friends, that have also guided me throughout, studying together in the school library, till late nights, preparing for series of tests.  What’s going to happen next, or where they’re going to, still remains a mystery for me.

I know some of the best buds, are going over for National Service, while some others have already applied jobs.

The graduation was a huge relief. Memories are made, memories will last. School has played a part in developing the character that I am, and for that I’m grateful. I will miss you, Republic Polytechnic.

English: The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) o...

English: The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) of in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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