Flu, Go Away!

It’s really important to take care of one self before things go bad, or at least be prepared.

Lately, i was as strong as Hercules, strolling away happily making plans, and just at one point,  a cold bus ride with a few mates, I got the runny nose. Thinking it would be short while, it carried on for another day now. 


The mood for everything and anything is just gone, everything feels hectic, my brain doesn’t function well enough to cope up with everything that I should be doing. Next thing i know, I’m in a battle between trying to stay calm and blowing up. 

Eating a panadol Flumax, didn’t help much, so i went for an over-the counter piils, to get some flu pills, and the small meds was only to be taken once daily, but work was just an hour away, and I find myself battling another cold rainy day, with cold air-conditioning room temperature working environment. 

Fighting the flu takes time, and so I’ve decided to put myself to sleep, to regain that energy hopefully in the morning.

Go to the doctor early and most importantly what I learn from this lesson is to plan things early, and if there’s things to be done, do it with accordance to time, so if things happen, there’s always a backup plan or solution that helps to ease out these irritating moments. 


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