Daily Prompt: The Normal

Is being normal a good or bad thing, or is it neither one of them? 

Stay Cool and Act Normal

Being normal, what does it mean, my mind keeps asking the same question again and again, and I’m trying to define normal, but i think what I’ve got in my own perception of being normal, is to be a one’s normal self, but then again how normal is normal?

The way i see it, being normal, is just being me. Is there then a borderline between the range of normality, of how good it is and how bad it is?

When it comes to being normal, everyone defines it differently, and in my own opinion, i see the goodness of being normal as when you’re with your friends, and with everyone else that sees you for who you are.

However, i see a weak spot for being normal when it comes to trying to ace interviews, get a speech out to infront of an audience (especially if you are having stage fright, or put on a good first impression to a business client, that you’re confident, and steady with your approach, and sometimes you have to be someone better than your normal self.

So how do i put it,

Being good to one’s self  is having to be yourself to the extent  of going having to go beyond normal for the better self.

Does that even make sense? Maybe you have a different impression of being normal 🙂

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