Jem Shopping Mall Closed During Opening Day

JEM Shopping Mall

JEM Shopping Mall

On the 11th June, I planned a trip with my mum to visit the new shopping mall at Jurong East, named JEM after looking through their website, saying they would open on the 11th June. Having to pass my new license, my mum and I drove all the way to JEM, but upon reaching somewhere around the back of the mall, the carpark operator said that the carpark was not operating yet.

Thinking ok well maybe we can park somewhere else and walked over, we decided to go to the nearest shopping mall around the area, JCube to park the car which happen to take a quite a while to find a parking space due to the lunchtime period.

Jem Shopping Centre's Notice on opening day 11th June

Jem Shopping Centre

Upon reaching the shopping centre, ready to take my camera out to take more shots, i happen to see notice signs stating that JEM was still closed.There were representatives from JEM who say that the mall is still closed at the point of time, and I was clueless to why and what was going on not really ready to accept the fact that was just being told. Having to see the look on my mum’s face, after taking her time to drive all the way down to my place, and waiting for so long to park, and then now this. I I was quite surprised, but i was more concerned about her reaction but she managed to be calm and carry on.

i heard the representatives talking to another family who was there to also visit the mall. Apparently, they were quite disappointed, saying that they had made plans to come all the way down, so i guess i wasn’t the only one.

Apparently it was announced or posted on the website a day before the day it was opened, that it’s not going to be opening, so that means I didn’t really get the message across.

As for now, what I know is they would be announcing a new date to open up the store. The feeling of looking forward to it have went down a little, but i hope they would open up soon so I can go to the Uniqlo Store.

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