Looking at the Kitchen

Grandma woke me up from sleep, she said something about leaving the house and being late. I remembered recalling that she had to went to Malaysia, Johor, with my aunt, for something.

Waking up, my normal routine, would be to actually go to the toilet, wash my face, do whatever business i need to, return to my room and start turning on my computer. I guess that’s what i normally do in such normal days, but not today.

Today i just happen to stay in the kitchen, and when i was looking at the kitchen and its surroundings, it hit me.

Throughout the entire time staying with my grandma, I hardly ever touched anything in the kitchen. Let me explain to you why. My grandma, spends most of her time in the kitchen cooking, and doing all kinds of things. She does groceries without me knowing and sometimes even i don’t know what’s in the fridge because i don’t open the fridge. I’ll normally eat whatever that grandma cooks from the stove, because she normally always does cook. So to speak, i hardly touch anything, neither take notice to the point i become unconscious of my kitchen’s surrounding.

This time, opening up my eyes after so long, i saw that there was  a mess in the kitchen, flies on fruit left in the open, i remembered eating the noodle from the steamed container few days ago, but now its still there,except stinking bad. The whole area was not pretty organised, and things were all over the place.

So i decided to make a change. Wash the utensils, clean up the mess, sweep the floor,  throw unwanted packets of things that i felt my grandma can live without, rearrange some sections, and divide things up like crackers to one side, and apparels on another side, wiped the kitchen, store empty containers into the cabinets and make things more accessible and organised.

After all of that time spending in the kitchen, I actually felt like I’m finally looking at the kitchen with both of my eyes open conscious of what’s going around. It felt like i really wanted to know what was in the kitchen, and know that this is the kitchen where I get my food and drink.

I think the lesson that I’ve learnt here is to spend some time to look at our surrounding before moving off. Sometimes there are things that’s left untold, or just things that requires our attention. Be more conscious with what we do, and do what needs to be done. Things like turning off the lights when not in use, or probably the water pipe that needs fixing, or perhaps even the slightest bread crumb on the floor.

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