Facebook to introduce Hashtags

I was looking through the Facebook timeline, and i was like ‘UHUH!’

Remember when you used to Instagram your beautiful photos or tweet your most amazing quotes, hashtag them with nice ‘kewl’ words i think like at least 20 of them( i think you can go way off the charts)  then sharing them on Facebook and it ends up looking like this?

Sharing Instagram Pic on Facebook

Sharing Instagram Pic on Facebook

The hashtags that was tagged in appears as just words and simply not clickable so, it just stays there, like an annoying extra tail that does nothing but just sits there.

Facebook has now then finally decide to introduce hashtags to the scene. #finally
Soon enough, all your instagram photos and tweets that includes hashtags, will be clickable in facebook.

I personally feel that this helps the people to reunite more with their friends and interest. Combining this aspect of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter together, i can see another step of innovation in the social media, and how we can now then promote new things, find out what others are discussing, in our very own Facebook.

I have a thought where if lets say i was to type in my favourite show or concert , perhaps #gameofthrones then, everything else that comes into that, people who’s sharing it on Instagram might show up on facebook? Or is it just limited to facebook hashtags? That I’m still not too sure.

“Hashtags are already happening across Facebook, but now they will be clickable and it will pop out a hashtag feed,” a Facebook spokesperson told ABC News.

Is it a good thing? What are your thoughts on Facebook about to implement hashtags?

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