6 thoughts on “The Bro Look

  1. Are you a native English-speaker? I ask because, in American-English, we say that something caught our attention. We would never say that something caught our moment. That’s why I would never be any good at teaching English to non-native speakers. I would be asking them to teach me instead. English can be poetic and expressive when caressed by foreign tongues in a way that is nearly impossible when thoughtlessly batted about by native tongues. “Caught my moment” . . . I must remember this.

    • I was born in Singapore, where the main language used was English, in my believe to help the different races living here speak a common tongue . We do though however have some way of communicating when in our comfort zone or when speaking with our local self, called Singlish.

      I’m glad that my post help you out. ‘Caught my moment’ was just something that came out of the blue and not intentional.

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