Domino Pizza Inter-Blogger Contest Event

On the 13th June 2013, I went on for my very first blog event. Not knowing what to expect, I went on, even though i was nervous like madcow :D, because i was partly curious at the same time quite excited to see other bloggers from my own country attending. That gave me the motivation to influence myself to just go.

Domino's Pizza Kovan

Domino’s Pizza Kovan

The meetup was at Domino’s Pizza at Kovan,located at 943/945 Upper Serangoon Road, which was a few mins walk away from Kovan Mrt Station.Thankfully i didn’t get lost because there was a kind mum and good son who directed me the way to walk to Domino’s .

There was a space set aside for the event, with lots of stand up banners, white chairs and tables, and went I arrived, there were people sitting down chatting, which i believe were are the bloggers. Yippee! I’m not lost!

Domino's Pizza File

Domino’s Pizza File

Greeted by the organisers for the day, i was given a sexy Domino’s Pizza tattoo on my hand.

Sitting in a room with new strangers, not knowing anyone, i managed to talk to a guy called Shaun, sitting next to me which happen to be a fellow Singaporean blogger as well. We were happily chatting, and another girl joined in, Karine.

Soon enough we were getting to know everyone around.

The event started with a introduction presentation, by Chrissie (if I’m not wrong), and she help us to brief us on the Inter-blogger Domino’s Pizza Contest.

I was quite shocked when the were giving out prizes to the previous inter-blogger contest event because there was a blogger by the name of William who was able to sell about 2531 pizzas in a period of what, two months? Gotta say, that’s just WOW.

The prize ceremony was given out to other bloggers as well, and i got to say, its really good prizes.

UncleTehPeng recieving Domino's Pizza awardimg_4790img_4786img_4794

Soon after the presentation was done, pizzas were served!

Pizza blogger phototaking

Trying to control. Am i hungry? Of course, but still have to take photos first !

img_4805 img_4806 img_4804 img_4802 img_4799 img_4798 img_4797 img_4796

The pizzas were mesmerizing. They come in really special flavours, and can be made to your liking.



Chocolate Lava Cake, why lava?img_4817

Just look at that.. oozing, imagine your taste buds devouring that. HAHA 😉

Here are some other amazing pictures taken during the event 🙂

Stoner dressed as a Pizza

Look I’m a Pizza ! NyomNyom

Stoner and Shaun

Shaun is an amazing guy blogger. I just found out he’s a Kiehl’s boy.


New blogger friends, Meryl who blogs about beauty and lifestyle and Orange who blogs about gaming. Cool!


Managed to also get a chance to take photos with Damien aka UncleTehPeng , travel and food blogger who also likes tehpeng, Malcolm Sunny, a travel and lifestyle blogger and Mr Smith, a really cool guy who blogs about anything under the sun and likes watching NBA.


The one in the centre is Dawn, recently posting about fitness and gyming, she’s got cool triceps 😉


Carine is an Indonesian blogger, also living in SG.


Group Shot!

The whole event was a really nice experience for me. Its my first time blog event and I’m glad to say I enjoyed it really much.

Enjoy the video! There’s a warcry at the end.

Happening quite soon, I’ll be writing another post on about the different pizzas they have to offer, and how to use the Domino’s Pizza Iphone App to your advantage, and not only that but also allows you, yes you to get 50% off deals on all the pizzas. Really? Awesome right? 🙂 In the meantime do check out the Domino’s Pizza website!


Like their Facebook Page as well here!

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Special thanks to Alvin from OMY as well as The OMY committee and Domino’s Pizza for making it possible.

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