What I learn watching Movies alone in the Cinema

I went on a movie marathon alone last Monday. I’d like to share what i know.

It was 9:30am in the morning. The decision was final. I could have just close these eyes and fall asleep into the comfort of the pillow waiting beneath my heavy brain.

Mum woke me up from sleep, the usual routine she would have done on days she came by my place.

Adhering to her questions, ‘what are you doing today? , and that question took me back to a day before.

Plans, no plans. Scroll Facebook, text friends. Nope no reply to my call on a movie. Guess everyone’s busy. Nope he’s not answering to my call, she’s busy What to do? Oh change of plans.Cancel, Shit. Annoyed. Stay at home and do nothing. Chill. Another change of plans. Crap. This is enough. STOP.

Hope that brings some meaning to the decision I’ve made.
Enough is enough. If I’m going to watch movie, I am going to do this with or without.

Breaking into my comfort zone of needing to have a friend to watch a movie, i keep telling questioning myself asking why do i need to wait for people and suffer my desires of watching a movie?


And there it goes.
A movie marathon alone for a whole Monday,  It felt great because those movies that i wanted to watch was finally cleared. I managed to watch ‘After Earth‘ in the morning, lunch and  followed by ‘Man of Steel‘ at noon, and finally ‘Now You See Me‘ in the afternoon and I can say the experience was all good.

So with all that experience, i guess that will also help you decide if you’re in my situation

Advantages of watching movies alone

  1. No restrictions to what movies you can watch. Having to be able catch a movie you want and then not having to be able to watch it because maybe your friend doesn’t like it doesn’t sound prominent at all.
  2. You don’t have to be waiting for friends. Sometimes they’re late, or change plans last-minute.
  3. You are alone which means, you can fully concentrate watching your movie with no one to bother you. Actually even if you’re in the movies with your friends, people are hardly talking to each other, unless they want you to pass the popcorn.
  4. You get to watch your movie
  5. Learn to be independent
  6. Make new friends, perhaps if you happen to see another solo movie go-er.

Disadvantages of watching movies alone

  1. Most likely you’ll feel conscious about how others are not alone, and you are.
  2. You can’t really talk about what’s going on with friends, if you’re the kind of person who likes to talk and watch at te same time, (but hey it makes good conversations on other days)
  3. No hugs if you’re afraid, chance to get hugs if partner’s afraid. 😀

Watching the movies alone, really taught me a valuable lesson. I feel that honestly the society’s thinking is still having a weird perception of people who watches movies alone, and I think we can change that.

It’s not lonely or sad to watch, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t watch with our friends whenever we can. I can say, that it’s a balance between both. We shouldn’t let our friends decision control whether we should watch a movie. If I want to watch a movie, I’ll watch it.




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6 thoughts on “What I learn watching Movies alone in the Cinema

  1. I would love to do this one day, watching movie alone I mean. And I’ve watched all the movies you’ve chosen! Didn’t really like After Earth though, and how did you stay awake even after Man of Steel???

    • That’s great. Maybe you can try it out, and see how it feels like.

      Man of Steel 2 an a half hour was quite a long show got to say that, but perhaps because I’m alright with any kind of movie? 🙂

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