In the Event of a Haze, Singapore.

I understand that Singapore and Malaysia has been affected by Indonesia’s Haze, and everyone is going on and over it.

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In fact, i just found out that the recent haze was made so known so much through social media, that people around the world are starting to find out what is this ‘Singapore’ or even trying to understand where Singapore is in the world map, and no, Singapore isn’t in China, nor is it Korean.

Not sure if true (found it here), but from what I’ve also heard respiratory masks are crashing  Amazon Market servers due to  buyers eager to find other alternatives after local markets of the masks are sold out, can i just say i hope you understand, Singapore and its ‘kiasuness‘.

Singapore News About Haze

The way I see it,  it feels like when I do search and crawl about Singapore news, the main highlight is the haze. Haze here, there, everywhere. I really understand the need to know about what is done with the haze issue, what was discussed among Singapore and Indonesia’s representatives. I really appreciate the news trying to ‘console’ the rage of certain Singaporeans, and what some schools companies have done to alleviate the problems when PSI’s was high.

Let’s look at this in a positive thinking and put the blame aside, Singapore. Lets help ourselves by thinking of other alternatives or ways of making ourselves productive and positive in the event of a haze.

Things you can do while Indoors.

  • Clean the house. I think its really how we see it. Use the time we have trying to avoid the haze particles, to find time to see what could be done better to improve the situation of our own house. Rearranging cabinets, or make time to clean that dusty fan in your room that’s been there for years. Check your aircon and clean it, it might already be dusty due to the haze.
  • Cook. Its a good day to have closed ones around you. What’s better then connecting and bonding with them by having a special dinner, in commemoration of having to be positive about the haze.
  • Watch TV. It’s been awhile maybe since you had gather all your closed ones together. Time for some TV, or movie at home. Probably a hot warm chocolate to help make you feel better during cold hazy nights.

How about those who still needs to go out and work then?

Things you can do when you’re outside

  • Be more conscious. Be aware of the surroundings around you, because visibility is poor, you won’t know what’s coming, drivers.
  • Wear a mask. Prevention is the key. I understand how annoying it is or maybe how ‘uncool’ wearing a mask is, but health is important, even if you have super awesome lung capabilities or strong defence system in your body.
  • Reduce the need to stay outdoors. Try to stay indoors as much as you can. If your job requires you to stay outdoors, then be extra concerned about your body and health. Drink water.
  • Smile. The haze might be affecting your mood, so smiling with your colleagues help make your day a little bit better. Have you seen those funny haze adverts they have been creating, yes see that.

Things you can do in overall

Lets pray and hope for the safety of the people who still have to keep the nation running, those who requires to be out in the haze, and those who’s involved with reporting news in Jakarta. Lets make this a nation wide effort, to consider helping those in need during these time of crisis.

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