A direction for the Blog

I’ve been thinking lately, on what I should focus on for my blog. There are so many bloggers out there with different kind of blogs.

*Blog Update

Food blog, travel blog, lifestyle blog (which talks about life i guess, but still i don’t really know what it is), family, parenting, news blog (which i find interesting to read but i don’t want my blog to be a newspaper all the way because it’s so personal) is just a few of them.

If i were to blog about news all the time, then it wouldn’t portray much of what I’m experiencing and more of what everyone else is experiencing. (too much?)

It seems like I don’t feel the same with their blogs and mine because it felt like there are   different ways of showcasing one’s blog . Even till now, I think having to always write about things like how a personal writer would about their life  a diary rather than a blogger who showcases themselves and connects with more audience just feels different. It’s also probably be because I’ve been trying to implement some of the blogging methods, which feel a little foreign to me. (Thinking of pictures, step-by-step procedures, thinking of social media, and how to connect with more people, not easy really.) Maybe after the years that I’ve been spending blogging, I’ve built a connection for the blog, and seeing it go out of direction just makes me go a little bit nervous.

So how then? I still need to do something about it,  I was thinking of doing something that I’ll enjoy doing.  Going through other bloggers website, seeing their different categories and wondering about how I can then describe my blog more easily, I’ve come up with a direction to aim for by looking at what I’d like to do.

I like big events, it really gets one into the mood, getting into backstage passes, or meeting cool people and interviewing them , sometimes i wish i could do that!

I aim to blog about more events by taking good quality photos of the event , get comments and views, and allowing myself to plan time to go for those events.

I plan to blog about events that helps with creating more awareness, or more connecting with audience about really interesting things.

I like to do more personal reviews, because i feel that it’s good to share what’s nice and what’s not.

I aim to give reviews unbiased along with true content  which would help other readers with making their choices and decisions.


I might have something else in mind, but it’s still in a mist, but these are the few things I’ll blog about.


5 thoughts on “A direction for the Blog

  1. I feel like I just blog about anything that is going on in my life. I know so many blogs consist of a theme, but I can’t just stick to one topic. My blog is about me and everything I am doing or feeling and I write in the hopes that someone will identify with my everyday life and opinions. Gaining an audience is so difficult though and I kinda get bummed out when I write a piece that I feel good about and only one person likes it and no one comments, not even with a debate. I liked your entry, good luck with your blog 🙂

    • Thank you. I feel the same way as you too. I can never really blog and stick to one topic I find myself spending time to think of a category to fit my post into, but it usually with more than a topic.

      I do find that writing the blog wasn’t with intention of categorising the blog, but more of a direction that i think i’ll head into to help with thinking of future posts.

      Thanks for the comment Lee, 🙂

  2. A blog is more of an online journal, isn’t it? There’s no need to categorize your blog… unless you’re blogging commercially like I know most blogs do nowadays. Just blog whatever you feel like writing about, I’m sure they’ll all be interesting reads!

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