Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled

Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.

The N levels were over and school kids were relieved. Everyone has managed to get their results, after the break. I received mine as well, carefully opening the sealed envelope and i  saw the number ‘9’ on the paper. That moment, i wanted to shout and say ‘Yes!’ , overjoyed like the as if i won the ‘grammies’ kind of person because at last i passed.

Wasn’t expecting too much on better results, because I found the results i achieved was already good enough. Studies wasn’t really my main forte, so upon hearing my principal’s talk on a new scheme program that allows students to skip their O levels next year, and choose to go to ITE Higher Nitec, I’ve made that very decision, and that change my whole life, learning more valuable things and things I had more interested in.

I guess if I had stayed at continue my O level’s like how the others did, I could have just graduated with probably averagely pass, get lower marks, or won’t be knowing what to do after.I could have passed and get into polytechnic studies earlier, but it would have been a different course. I would have graduated with all my other classmates who stayed through, and went NS earlier on.

I wouldn’t have had more ex’s in secondary school than i have during the ITE days. 😀 , I might be still slacking with the secondary school boys, and talk about how great secondary school has been, because I wouldn’t have experience what its like to be in ITE, (schooling in ITE, was still the best thing that happened to me)

I would have been chilling with the boys I know in my secondary school most of the time, because they’re the only friends I had that time.

Alternate life that was less travelled, could have been.

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