Why is the 2013 Singapore Blog Awards Incredibly Awesome?

IMG 5018

I’ve never been to a bloggers award ceremony.

Despite years of blogging for the fun of it, I’ve never really tried to find out if there was even awards for such thing, but this time round, i managed to get invited for the ceremony as part of event coverage thanks to OMY.SG.

My ‘jaw dropped’, when i entered Shanghai Dolly, surprised to experience the glam entering the big sized doors. It felt even more weird when i realised the amount of media and coverage they had on the event.

Bloggers was in their 60’s theme, guys in their hippie costume, AGOGO, afro-style hair, and ladies in their striking and/or flowery 60’s dress, and out of all that, there i was, in the corner with a long grey sleeve and beige pants from Uniqlo 🙂

Despite all that ‘weirdness’ , I was relieved to have Tiffany ‘Orange’ , Carine, and Meryl from the previous Domino Pizza event meet-up to accompany me.

Pre-Award Ceremony
The ambience felt ‘atas’ (high end). There were bouncers ‘guarding’ the event, media with video cameras, lights, action. Large posters, banners showcasing finalists and the SBA award ceremony. Nice gentlemen’s and ladies with their suit serving the guests drinks, and also a even a nice photo booth with props for us to join in the 60’s movement.

Photo Booth SBA

Award Ceremony
The event was followed through with a series of awards given out to finalists of each of the blog depending on the type of categories they were in. There were a lot of awards given so I didn’t get a hold of who won what, thankfully enough, Alvinology’s post helped out on this, so behold the very good list of bloggers.

Main categories:

Celebrity Categories :
Special Categories :

#omysba2013 Group Photo

Food, Food, Food.
Food was delightful, either that or I was just hungry. Part of my presence being there was to swift over to the food corner to eat Fried rice, chicken , sushi’s of all kinds, and desserts

omySBA2013 fried riceomysba2013 foodomysba2013 food prawnomysba2013 sushi corneromysba2013 green corneromysba2013 durianpuff

Pictures with Other Bloggers/Celebrities
A good reason to go to the event was this. It felt really good to be a part of a blogger’s community, meet new friends, know people who’s been doing it for years, doing an awesome job at blogging. It feels even better being able to take photos with them. SBA award with bloggersWith Carine, ShuHui, Orange and Meryl998840 10201542464303242 189556482 n264408 10201542465903282 785188817 nIMG 5016With Forest.IMG 5038Finally happen to meet Mitsueki in person, after following her on her blog for sometime.

Dance Catwalks
It was entertaining watching finalists doing catwalks of the 60’s theme. There’s trademark in each of them, and we had a good laugh and winner was decided by giving the loudest cheer.IMG 5074Mr Smith with his ‘real’ hair.IMG 5083Mr Uncle Char Kway Teow.IMG 5106Policeman in the 60’s (WINNER)IMG 5096Ninja Sisters SG in shiny dresses

Goodie Bag
To top all that, there were still goodie bag with vouchers and small gifts from sponsors for the event at the end of the day.

To end this post,
The event was incredibly awesome because I feel it has allows bloggers to challenge themselves to be creative and find inspiration. Bloggers work hard to deliver time and effort to create good content for readers, they too deserve a good prize.

I’m already happy to be able to see Singapore Blog Awards 2013 without participating in any of the awards,  because  I was able to see and now get to know more of the one’s who won, and hopefully learn more of their blogging techniques.

I hope with this, you were able to also felt how i felt being there. Are you also a blogger from Singapore? Do you plan to participate in the awards or something similar this coming year or the next year?

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