Arthur Newman Movie Review | Invitation

I was recently invited for a movie preview for Arthur Newman at the Shaw Preview Theater, thanks to OMY.SG.

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Directed by : Dante Ariola
Written by :Becky Johnston
Starring: Academy Award® Winner Colin Firth and also Golden Globe® Winner Emily Blunt
Genre : Comedy/Drama
Runtime :101 mins
Rated : R in US , M18 in Singapore


Wallace Avery, decides to have a second chance in life, leaving his wife and disconnected son behind, for a new life as Arthur Newman. Along the way through pursuing his new life, he found another girl who’s also trying to leave her past behind.


Thoughts and Opinions:

I admit, sometimes I wish I had another person’s life, living another man’s amazing dream. The world’s best is out there, why can’t I be one of them?

Get someone’s else life they said, but really how will it all work out? This would be the reason why I’ve wanted to watch Arthur Newman.

Storyline in the movie was a bit unclear and lost at first, but it gets better after the actor’s beginning of a new life.With deep rationale thinking, it does carves its way to a lot of hidden meanings.


The movie was plotted surrounding a moment of crisis. We face problems numerous times, we are down with life’s everyday struggles, we want to run from our problems.

What interests me most was Emily Blunt playing as Mike, and i like how she was showcasing more emotional thoughts in the movies compared to her previous movies in Looper and The Adjustment Bureau. The connection that was being shared with Wallace aka Arthur J Newman in the course of the movie, is really deep, it felt real.


Not to miss out surprisingly, she was sexy. and for that it had to be M18. Note that there are ‘nude’ scenes and ‘sex’ scenes between both, and some really ‘WTH moments’ going on.

arthur newman gif

Colin Firth played out Wallace Avery, though i clearly remembered him for being the father of the children in Nanny Macphee, Mr Brown. The persona he displays resembles the one that we sometimes fail to pursue, to ‘break out of our shell’ , and he did a good job portraying that.

A movie that was meant for the analytical ‘movie goers’, who’s willing to put into thought to understand what’s going on behind the scenes, instead of what’s being said upon.

Check out the movie if you want to learn about life that isn’t just about running away or a creating a new start. Life has family issues, lust issues, problems with accepting life, being caught up in our own world and admitting to mistakes.

Arthur Newman will be out in cinemas, 11th July 2013.  Book your tickets with Shaw here.

Have you ever thought about having a new life?

Thank you OMY.SG for inviting me for the event, really appreciate it.

Readers, do you have any other reviews you’ll like me to do?

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