Dreaming in progress

I could never understand why my dreams felt so real that i just react physically. I dream heavily that I happen to say it out loud, whenever I’m put in an angry, nervous or hyped up state of mind, or even move my hands and legs.

I’m a kind person at heart ^^ 

Some of the things i reacted when i was dreaming to or the things i dream about sometimes curious me.

Punch the wall

It just happen to be i was dreaming of someone I didn’t like. It took me to the point when it gets really annoying and i feel like punching the person in the face, then BAMMM! , I imagined punching the person, and my hand took its toll by punching the wall beside me in reality.

Scream and Shout

It gets into a really huge fight, I’m trying to stop it all, the person can’t seem to understand what I’m saying and I had to repeat it again.

“You listen here!” “Oiii!!” “You crazy isit?!”” , honestly my grandma keeps running into the room to see if I’m okay, I think she’s already getting used to it, and decides not to come in again and check on me.

Same multiple dreams

I’ve once dream of jumping down from a HDB block 4-storeys high and just as i was about to hit ground , I woke up shouting. I dreamed that dream 5 times in one night at the same spot. I’ve never experience that again and hope it’s not going to happen again. ( I’m not suicidal , just so you know )

Dreaming a dream in a dream

Have you ever dream that you’re awake, and then in that dream, you’re about to go to sleep, and dream again? Maybe even dreaming about waking up from your bed to the toilet, and realize that you’re dreaming, and then wake up again, to go toilet, but you’re still in a dream. Its strange yet cool when I feel that I’m entering a dreamer’s dream.



Maybe i have sleep disorders, maybe I’m not the only one, maybe I’m an alien, one of my kind.

Do you happen to have the same thing? Let me know, maybe we can connect our minds somehow virtually and see you on dreamland. 🙂


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