Evacuating Earth One Day

The world is at its end, a neutron star is about the suck up the Earth’s core, but what are we to do?

The video will summarise the options that could happen if one day the world is about the be gone. It covers various aspects that ranges topics from the idea of the world ending, to building a huge interstellar spacecraft, going to another planet, costs incurred, lives, economy, politics, people, technology and disasters. All sorts of topics.

The long video gave me some shocking real points of view that seems so real it could be possible. You should really have a look at the video to understand what I’m feeling.

Thoughts of the video

Watching the video has allowed me to reflect and think back on whether we should to be prepared for the inconvenience. Yes, it feels really weird, to be told in a documentary, where every thing seems to be acted out so nicely, I’ve began to question myself,

Really? Is this what’s going to happen? , if there was to say in the near future that some neutron star decides to take our world, Do i even have time to get my dream job, have a stable life, travel the globe, live with grandchildren and retire peacefully.

I tried to imagine what it would be like, whether I’ll be one of the chosen ones. I’m not too sure if I’m also one of the healthy genes to begin with to be allowed to travel, or if I can even live until that time comes.

What if I was one of those who are to be left behind, what am I to do while awaiting for the time to come. The video didn’t really specify that part, when the neutron star decides to suck up earth. *gulp*

English: An artists's concept of the 2004 occu...

English: An artists’s concept of the 2004 occurence in which a neutron star underwent a “star quake”, causing it to flare brightly, temporarily blinding all x-ray satellites in orbit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things to learn

  • Be prepared
  • Appreciate life better and start living
  • Understand the greater good in life

Be prepared and have a conscious mind that unforeseen circumstances may happen. Not just for the end of the world, but also in a daily life basis.

Appreciate the things surrounding you, you may never know, it might all be gone later, Start making the best of your life, and go out, explore the world, indulge in the things that goes beyond your daily routine.

We have to accept that each of us is a small tiny fraction of the vast universe. We have to give and take, and understand the positive side on what people say instead of the negative. We can’t help ourselves, but we can definitely do something for the greater good. Think of those people who has sacrifice their life in order to save the nation.

What do you think of the video? Share your views with me on the comment below.

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