Being a better person in life

Sitting in the room, thinking of how I’m being able to be more than what I can be. There’s so much info out there, I’m caught rushing in between grabbing a piece of advice from niche blogs, reading a little bit of self-improvement book, and listening to advice from a fellow blogger friend.

Cover of "The Game"

Cover of The Game

Can i even do this? Where can i gather all this positivity that allows me to be a better man. An alpha male? Have you even heard of it? It reminded me of my past read of ‘The Game by Neil Strauss‘, an unbelievable man who gave me so much inspiration to change my life.

Believe me when i say, it did change the way i think, the way i act, and change the way i view things, but the point is not to be a player or ‘getting the girl’ and about pick up lines. The main point was to be able to stop being afraid and to have the courage to engage. To step out of my comfort zone, and achieve , that even I can’t deny, the results was amazing.

Truthfully, i don’t want to be the people feeling miserable about their lives, neither do i want you to feel that way. I’ve learned the hard way out of my introverted self and now to  be called a ‘sweet talker’ (yes) or a guy who have strong relationships with a lot of ladies compared to Bros, but its fine.

How you judge me, is totally up to you.

I’d like you to feel how i feel, to see where I’m standing from, and know that I’m doing something about it. I’m not too sure which path of  the road I’m heading, but I know that if I don’t start walking, I’m going nowhere.

Be better, be a gentleman, be wiser, be knowledgable, be brave, be strong, be skilful, be a charm.

I’m still improving to be better, and that’s what I’m doing. What are you doing?



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2 thoughts on “Being a better person in life

  1. I like your mention of stepping out of your comfort zone. I personally think this is the key to self development but that everyone’s comfort zone is different. Stepping out of their zone for person A might be jumping out of a plane but for person B it might be going out with friends for one hour. To pick up on your thought that if “I don’t start walking, I’m going nowhere” – however small a step we all just gotta take it!!

    • I can agree with what you said too, no matter how small the step is, we just have to take it. The road is laid out for you, and it represents the opportunity for you to improve yourself.

      We may choose to stay, and things might just stay the same, or we can choose to make a life learning journey and see that more opportunities are presented.

      It may be physical, mental or spiritual knowledge that reap out benefits.

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