Hold in there, lets chill.

I’m in the train hearing the sound of the rail tracks rubbing against the train’s wheel axels and gear.

I see on the window panels the construction of a building every 3 mins, Progress.

I see the school kids gathering up for assembly on the concrete floor as early as 7am; Growth.

I see the complicated yet seemingly well planned architecture of a high rise condominium building, Technology and Stability.

There we are, just moving in our ordinary lives  in a microscopic approach involved in a extraordinary way together holistically.

Each of us do our part, that benefits the movement of the world one way or another. Every living being that’s in sync with the rotation of hers that surrounds us grows as a nation.

But, i see lads in their suits and ties and girls in their firm blouses stepping into a train station. We can understand that the clanking of brogues and heels is pretty normal on a typical busy weekday. We learn to adapt to the pace of others, or move aside to let them pass.

I’m trying to understand the situation that we’re facing through. Are we really rushing for time? Are we moving too fast? The young are equipped with information and status, that maybe 50 years ago might be irrelevant, because it wouldn’t have as much impact.

It might not seem like chasing a degree as fast as possible,then to start working after ,matter back in the days, but now everyone wants to be the best, and it’s starting to sound irrelevant.

What if one day, every human being that starts to have a degree before the age of 20? What then next?

I’d like to see myself enjoy the time, not rushing on a crowded train, probably eat a bread, before heading of the train to work but at the same time, i sometimes cannot afford to not be in sync with others.

What do you think?

Comment Below here, you awesome one.

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