How am I to work and blog?

stoner 1

It’s not easy to balance life between blogging and working.

At times, I would feel like I want to just enjoy the rest of my day before going to NS and explore all the things that I’ve not done yet.

Until now, I’ve not had the chance to actually travel overseas to Bangkok, Thailand, or somewhere across Asia, maybe even to America to have fun and enjoy a good holiday

I spend time trying to work my ass off, and then I find that it’s still not enough, or something is caught in between me and the plans.

When it comes to money vs fun, there’s a priority to choose from, and sometimes I’m trying to balance it up the weighing scale, so I don’t go nuts, or I don’t run out of money.

What if I could work to blog? 🙂 That would be nice for a change. A short post to end the day, because I’ve work the next day.



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