Life Lessons : Escorting Mascots at a Travel Fair

Chan Brothers Shirt for Travel Fair

Chan Brothers Shirt for Travel Fair

I’ve never been to a travel fair. Really. Its not because I don’t like to travel, but because I don’t  have enough money to travelcmon, its because you don’t spend time to save up and do something about it. 

Ok, You’re right. Hee  🙂

But today, I’m not going to talk about me travelling much(maybe abit) , I’m talking about working at a travel Fair, and recently I’m glad to have a good blogger friend contacting me to ask if wanted to work as a guide for the mascots for a travel fair.

I didn’t know how different it was from my current job, which is also to escort the stars and mascots for USS (Universal Studio Singapore), and i was curious to know how different it would be.

Its not the first time I’ve to get accustomed to strangers, people i didn’t know. It takes a lot at first to understand and counter an awkward or nervous moment where you don’t know what to say. It takes some guts and ‘just go with it‘ attitude, to pass through each new session, and at the end of the day cultivate that experience into something meaningful.

If you did not know about this, I once talked about how I met with new strangers for a movie meet-up

And so….

The travel fair was held at the Suntec Exhibition Centre, and only upon arriving did i know it was a Chan Brothers Travel Exhibition.

Chan Brothers Travel Fair

Chan Brothers Travel Fair

During the travel fair itself, I helped to blow up balloons and give out chocolates to visitors. At the same time we’re to bring the mascots out for sets. It was also only on that day i knew what mascots I was going to escort.

I got to say I enjoyed the environment, for the fact that its air-conditioned and not in the hot sun. The place was swarming with crowds that consists of new couples, families who i felt brought their extended relatives along and a LOT of kids.

And you know when aunties come to hoard those chocolates, they will definitely try to hunt you down, but in all good terms, there was plenty of food and balloons to go around.

What I had appreciated most was the team who were so kind to have waited for me to break my fast and eat together after the whole event was over.

Life Lessons

  • Meeting new friends and working with them
  • Work my way through a crowd of people
  • Appreciate the environment and situation

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I had time to explore a little bit and saw what destinations was offered, and it amaze me, of how little I’ve travelled. *

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