Feeling Constricted. What to Do?


It’s not easy to blog about life if you have a constricted life or feeling that way. I’m not saying that I’m constricted fully , but I’m saying this with reference to my National Service. I’ve thought a long way, about how i can continue to manage the blog while serving NS, is it even possible to commit myself to this journey of being a better person or trying to go for event coverage through blogging and travel the world after NS?

Another part of my story puts me in a dilemma of having to choose between working for the sake of surviving in the Singaporean economy or working for passion to try to do something with blogging and travelling, living life as a vagabond, live my life,  because I like that chance to be able to do something extraordinary and meaningful that can help others yet still be earning money at the same time and not work in a boring desk job. 

The story

As for now I’ve a Diploma in Civil Aviation or ‘Airport Management’, and my parents are asking me to sign on for NS . Some say I should choose to further my studies in Aviation  in University but boy, is the fee course so expensive, I will have to work first. I could take other courses like Psychology but that’s another story, what will i do after then?  I find myself liking music and other than that, blogging for fun.

Music has been great part of my life but at the same time my inspiration comes in and out. I stopped for awhile. Having to learn to DJ, to create music productions, to learn the ukelele, guitar , and to sing and write lyrics and to rap.

Getting music for money is again another question at hand. Singapore, well the music industry is like balancing on a thin line. You have to be that good to get paid and then you can stay on.

At the same time, blogging is like living and breathing, especially when it comes to times like this, when I need to express out how I feel. If i could combine both work and blogging together, it would be really amazing. That’s also the reason why I started to blog, to also find out what I was meant to do in life.

I’ve accepted that I have to serve NS anyway, and I feel that the opportunities left for me now to pursue big is put on hold till i really know what’s my vocation is, or what I’m doing after my Basic Training.

Will i have to take a break then, and for how long will I have to start over? Thinking too much isn’t going to calm down the other 234567 questions in my mind, so I will have to find out for some advice.

I’m not sure. I’ve to find someone who’s more experienced than me about this matter. Maybe the male bloggers in the blogosphere will answer my question. Maybe you can.

Make this one of my life lessons.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Constricted. What to Do?

  1. Heyy!

    i’m not a male blogger but i can try to emphasise with how you feel. You seem to be overwhelming w ur own qns and ‘worries’ in your future plan and yes, it’s true that being in NS is gonna take up so much of your time and you will only be left with your weekends. but then again, you can choose to make life great. plan how you want t make your weekends meaningful; volunteerting, catching up w friends, hanging out w bunk mates, spending a dayout with your family(: thru that you will find more joy in a life like this.

    and as for your dream (i’m a music lover too), sometimes if you’re sure of ur dream, go for it cus we’re young only once. i’m sure you wouldn’t want to live life in regret knowing that you haven’t tried to go for what you really want. also, if u have something big on hand, you can take baby steps since you’re enlisting soon (right?:x). as long as your passion do not fade away, you will eventually succeed!

    it’s just a matter of how you’re going to plan it out and execute it with time.
    i know you can.

    hwaiting (:

    • Hey Kiahgek!

      We meet up at the Domino Pizza event, didn’t we? 🙂
      Anyway, after much referring, I’ve finally looked back at the comments after a while. Thank you for the comment.

      I really took it into thoughts when you said i should make my weekends meaningful, and taking baby steps. You have just gave inspired me

      How do i put it? You’re the bright light that shines on the dark path that I had trouble to walk with.

      Thank you for not giving up on me!
      I hope to see u around soon 🙂


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