How to Keep Your Charger Cables Nice and Safe

Tangled wires whenever you try to take your chargers for your laptops, cameras, handphones out from the bag, its annoying, i can really understand you. Wires also have a tendency to spoil if you don’t coil/ tie them properly, and the next thing you know, there it goes into the rubbish pile.

I once tried to put these wires together by using those metallic twist ties, but  I keep losing them whenever i take them out, or its just not that nice either because I have to keep twisting, and it might one day wear out. I had to find another solution. The thing that came to my mind, The Amazing Velcro.

Yes, it came to me suddenly. Long gone were the days when I carried textbooks together wrapped with those long velcro straps in my arms. Still it was so effective, because then I won’t lose them. Why didn’t i think of this before earlier?! That would have saved some money for Ice Cream! 

Velcro  Wire Straps

Velcro Wire Straps

I went to Home Fix to get these very handy straps.
I believe I got them only for about $5, in a bundle of 15 pieces. (it was a long time ago, it came in a plastic wrapper , so i can’t recall) which was a pretty nice deal considering its usefulness.

How to Tie Wire Chargers  Macbook and Camera Charger

How to Tie Wire Chargers Macbook and Camera Charger

Here’s how I use them for my Macbook Pro Charger and my camera Charger.

It fits nicely, easy to take out or put back on. I don’t have to worry about losing them, because coiling around the wire is a breeze . Its like having a  little handy-dandy pen slot on the side of your notebook.

If you want to know how I tie my cables together, I actually found this helpful video by Andy Traub that talks about how to keep your charger cables nicely on the Vimeo link below.

I hope my post has been insightful!

and last but not least, here’s a song for you!

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