Support the Earthship Project For A Good Cause

Most of us are lucky to have our common staple needs, like water and food supplies, shelter and electricity at our doorsteps. Through these, we allow ourselves to progress with life and don’t have the need to worry about how to survive.

But how about those people who lives in hard conditions where natural resources are scarce?

Came the brilliant idea of Earthships from Mike Reynolds, providing solutions and a new way of living communally.

So what are EarthShips?

Earthships are 100% sustainable off-the-grid structures that are both cheap to build that use modern engineering to work with the natural processes of the planet to provide automated generation of food, water and energy, all at zero cost to its inhabitants.

In other words, it allows the inhabitants, to live depending on themselves and what they have.


Food are important, so the Earthship allows the people to grow their own food through greenhouses without worrying about climate. It allows to grow crops all year round and also build your own fishing pond or chicken coop. I can agree to that.

Amazing Water Recycling System

The building makes uses of the rain water catchment system, which collects rainwater which helps to make use of every thing running in and out of the houses. It filters the water for drinking, showers and sinks, the used up ‘grey’ water are then used for their edible plants/crops and after cleaned by plants, it’s then used for the toilets, and  those ‘black’ water are used to provide nutrients for non-edible plants outside the exterior garden.


Made up of Recycled Materials

Most of the structures for the base are made with used tires which are available almost anywhere or thrown away and the walls are made using recycled water plastic or glass bottles.



phoca_thumb_l_IMG_4063Energy Wise

These Earthships use solar panels and wind generators to get their energy and provide lights and  to other parts of the house that requires electricity.


No more bills

No more worries about bills as everything is done to recycling water and generating on electricity. Surviving on a no cost payment. Now you don’t have to think on how to pay for bills and instead focus on how to do great things.

Better Life ahead

Imagine if we can learn to build a better life with Earthships. That would change the way how we manage our lives. We can learn how to love the environment, and also save planet Earth from completely depleting. We can let the world regenerate and be part of that regeneration instead of consumption.

But then again, sustainable doesn’t mean that we’re living in places that’s basic and  not equipped.

3471114639_6ab9bc0feb_z earthship11 PHOENIXBATH-625x416


Support the Earthship Malawi Project

Most of the Earthship Projects are used with items already available at use, but this time round, the team has built a new model, Flower Design to help third world countries, in Malawi, the plan is to build self-reliant community center complete with a school, library, bank, administration offices, medical center, and food store.


Through this project it allows the community to learn how to build their own Earthships and find self-reliance to survive with limited resources.

How can we contribute?


  • Visit the Kickstarter project and help to donate
  • Share this info with your friends
  • Write a post about it
  • Support the cause or if you’re really into it, learn how to build an Earthship at $1000 and be part of the amazing experience


Community Center Earthship: Flower Prototype – Malawi


What the world decides to start living on Earthships concept , how cool is that?

More information or posts about the project
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The post was inspired from following HighExistence, a community of conscious individuals wondering about life.



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6 thoughts on “Support the Earthship Project For A Good Cause

    • Hey ludwig,

      It definitely is! The future depends on us 🙂 How awesome an earthship would bring in the years to come.I love the impact and awareness it brings to our environment.

      I would definitely like to visit one or even learn to build an earthship one day. And I’ll check out your site surely!


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