How to save Electricity By Killing A Vampire?

It’s good that once in a while we remind each other on the importance of saving electricity.

My mum being the usual parent, is always nagging reminding me, of how I should learn to turn off the electricity every time I don’t use it. Being the stubborn one, I didn’t see the importance of it. It’s not that I don’t want to off the plug, but i find it so troublesome to have to turn it on again.

I tend to forget to switch off the lights in the toilet, my room lights , and my handphone charger when I leave the house.

Living with my parents before didn’t make me realise how crucial it is to them. After staying with grandma, and having to look at the bill once awhile (because its only me and her in the house) , I realise how much waste the money goes to the bill that we’re paying.

It isn’t as much difference as my parents place, and I didn’t realise that we’re using a lot of electricity. Well there could always only be one reason the bill was as higher. It’s me.

Yes, i felt that the habit of not turning off the switches when I’m not using them got the better of me. I felt that if I could have turn off the main appliance, i would have also save up money if I learn more about how it works.

Now there’s an even more crucial issue to handle.


I recently got an email from the Earth Day Network on this topic. In applies for mostly in the US for those wall sockets with no off button. If you’re not from there, this is also something you might want to know.

Did you know that even if you’re turning off the appliance, you’re also still sucking in energy? These are call energy vampires.

Even if you have your chargers off, it’s still important to unplug them from the sockets. Which means all those ovens, microwaves, toasters and TV that you’re using are still draining energy from your main sockets even if you have it off.

I cannot imagine how many vampires there are in my house. I also now understand how critical it is to also off your main power electricity  if you have one like they do in Singapore, Asia and Europe.

As recommended by the Earth Day Network page, to help yourself save money, it’s best to

  • unplug the appliance
  • turn off the main socket (the one from the wall) even better unplug your appliance from the main socket just in case you might have a faulty wall switch.
  • use a power strip to regulate the flow of electricity
  • Use energy-efficient appliances that consumes lesser power.

Here’s my commitment for helping to save my own bill

  1. Off my main power socket when not in use
  2. Unplug my handphone charger and coil them nicely
  3. Remind myself to see if there’s anything I can off before going out of the house

Do you have any methods to how you remind yourself to save electricity? If you do do share it with me in the comments.

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