How You Can Make The World A Better Place Now? | Better World Project

The Better World Project

The Better World Project

We are living in a world with issues still left untold and it needs addressing.

You may find an issue more crucial to life as compared to others. We all have our own views when we see it, AND If we voice out and get ourselves heard, we can spread a vast awareness and share our views together.

In search of trying to understand how we can improve ourselves and our world, I started a small project called The Better World Project.

It’s my first time doing a project for my blog which involves going out of the internet life and asking people questions. I was nervous like hell because I didn’t expect it to be so scary. It’s also hard because people might think that I’m some salesman or promoter, getting the palm’s up and No’s before I even mentioned anything.

Still, it triggered me that if I want answers, I need to go for it. I want to understand what is it that concerns our people.

With the help of my friends Sodrudin and Rasif, we went to town, from Scape to Orchard Road with our whiteboards and sweets to ask people a simple question.

What do you think can help to make the world a better place?

I’ve got to say that some voiced out really good replies.

It’s amazing how people can have a diversity of answers to contribute. Some that I find really true and unconsciously didn’t even think about. Some gave concerns about our environment, while others tackles on our society and how we treat ourselves.

I would like to give thanks to the supporters for this project, and for spreading out your message for others to look and think about.

There are still issues out there that we are afraid to voice out how we feel. The world needs our help make her a better place.

You can make the world a better place through awareness. Share your views with your neighbours, friends, community .Facebook it, Twitter it out, blog about it. Even better, participate in the activity, and Insta-pic or Insta-vid it.

What is yours? Share it with me in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “How You Can Make The World A Better Place Now? | Better World Project

  1. What you did was amazing, it certainly needed courage and you had it. And brilliant idea to start with. Like you described, I too am afraid of approaching strangers and asking them philosophical and ‘greater good’ stuff, and I still am afraid. I have a few ideas that are still in the same form, I think you effort would push me forward to do something like this too. Again, great job!! 🙂

    • Thank you!
      Exactly, to start is the hardest step to take, Once I start to do it, it tells me that ‘hey its not so bad’. and then start to build the confidence and learn how to accept that rejections are part of this.

      Some literally had blank ideas when I ask them the greater good question, but I managed to talked to them and give them examples to get them thinking. ( I also kept the previous person’s answers, especially the good ones)

      I look forward to see your new ideas too as well! Do let me know how it’s going 🙂

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