Why My Grandma Is A Superhero

Kick ass and hit girl

Kick Ass and Hit girl from the movie Kick Ass 2

Superheroes. Do they really exist in this world? Yes They do.

My grandma is a superhero. She has no laser eye beam like Cyclops. She doesn’t  wear a tight suit with weapons walking around the city like Kick Ass back in the days, but she does have a power that comes from strong mental and inner strength.


Her strong will nature to persevere, is beyond extraordinary.

It was a good day for a picnic down by East Coast Park. My dad had brought down his company’s bus to use for the weekend and so we could use more extra baggage to cook more food and bring more stuff.

I remembered struggling to carry a huge ass size container filled with utensils, and there she was beside me sweeping off the container #likeaboss and carried it with no sweat. As much as I tried asking her to let me do it, she did it anyway. I know you would if it was your grandma too.

She had this energy that keeps her going. I don’t know if she realises the consequences of her carry heavy things, and working too hard especially when she’s in her 60’s , but after a while, I realised she isn’t just any ordinary grandma.

She climbed and tracked the hills back in those days to take care of plantations, she worked at long hours, washed other worker’s clothes after her usual factory job to feed the family because we were so poor.

She had gone through taking care of my late grandfather who had diabetes and legs cut off and carried him in her shoulders to let him enjoy a good fresh air outside of home. Grandfather was also strong-willed who tried his best to not let her overwork.

Grandma and Me

Grandma and Me

She’s not just hardworking but intelligent. Making a platform with wheels from scratch for my grandfather to move around, changing the layout of the home to ensure that he can move around his daily life without help.

If there’s something that you say you can’t, she’ll figure out a way on how to do it, somehow one way or another.

The skill of survival. 

Gone through the pain along with the rain of sweat that comes from tireless devotions to make a change.

I believe that when you are strong-willed, you will do great things. You will receive great things in return. You allow the positive aura inside of you to attract the opportunities the world has to offer

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

You can create changes in people lives, like how my grandma did and that’s what makes each of us a superhero.

Now for some good fun to end this post with.

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8 thoughts on “Why My Grandma Is A Superhero

      • I consider my Grandma to be more of my Angel. She was my Mother figure whereas my Mom (whom I love very much) wasn’t always able to be. My Grandma has taught me things people my age (20) should know but don’t. Such as manners, paitience, and understanding. She’s saved me from many situations, financially and emotionally. Literally the only reason why I am alive is because she’s my best friend and I can’t leave her. I attempted suicide 3 times (2 of which I was practically dead) my last thoughts were my Grandma and here I am today. She’s had a rough go at things. She was cheated on and left by the love of her life with 7 kids to take care of. She now has 20 grandkids and 6 great grandkids and knows how to love each and every one of us to no end. Sometimes at night I will just lay in bed with her and talk and talk and she will listen. Never judges me. Never discourages me. Never judged me when I told her I lost t virginity at 13 or that I was attracted to girls as well as boys when I was 16. She has taught me acceptance is key. She has taught me to not be afraid. She has taught me what true love feels like. She will forever be my hero and Angel.

      • What an inspiring grandma! I hope to inspire others like how your grandma does, hopefully when I have my own grandchildren’s one day.

        Thank you for sharing your beautiful story 🙂

      • She sure is something else. Its nice to see people appreciate and love Grandparents as they should. I’m sure you will do a great job with inspiring your future Grandchildren. Just remember, love is key. 😊

    • Thank you!
      Yes they are, I also love it when she tell stories of her struggle and how she overcame the problems of during her past. It gives me a sense of hope, and motivation to solve my own problems.

      It also made me realise that my problems wasn’t really that hardcore compared to hers . Haha!

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