Daily Question By Thought Questions : As Old as It Gets.

The older I get, the more i think about life and how I do things. Everyday, a life experience. Beautiful how the mind works, i see life as learning in a lifelong journey to greater heights.  Just given to me and the more I’m able to allow myself to think about it even further.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Honesty is the Key

Well, i believe that one essential ingredient is honesty.
Honesty is the very essence that I feel a healthy relationship should have,because being in a healthy relationship puts me in a position where I’m able to be myself. With honesty, comes everything else that I can put myself towards that person. I also feel that its an excellent way to start making good  friends that last a long time and that is through understanding each other through my own true self, an honest person, who is clear and never lies. I wouldn’t want to lie to my friends about what i do, and i don’t want them to do so either.

Be the one you’re meant to be, original , and be not the fake imitation of you.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Fear of Falling

I think a fear that i know is holding back is still the fear of falling down. I’m still a little bit traumatized over a series of events that has caused me to fall. I’ve dreamed of jumping down from a high story apartment recurring for 5 times in a single night. A few series of falls that I’ve taken into when i was young was on double deck bed and i landed on my head, so now, there’s a patch somewhere in the left corner of my head which is bald. If you’re asking, its not so obvious. haha !

I personally think that this fear actually prevents me from wanting to try daredevil rides, so its always something that is holding me back.
Just to ensure you guys, I’m not afraid of heights* , I just have a fear of falling down.

Of course, I feel that I have to do something about it, fight this fear, and so far, I’ve been taking slow baby steps, and being more confident of myself doing those high rope activities, crossing over, jumping over obstacles like those high elements.
That makes me thinking maybe i should organize i few high elements activities with my friends, to get this fear out of my life !

How about you then ? What is your fear , come and share with me, please don’t be shy ! 🙂 I assure you then I’m not your fear 😛

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Complex Situation

A simply way to make life less complicated is really understanding how you deal with things. I honestly feel that life is not really complicated, in fact it just presents itself as opportunities. It is us people whom find that the way of means to solve, discover, ensure and apply to some of the situations to be very complex indeed.

There’s always this level of intensity that applies to different kind of things. Things that are easy to do, its okay for us, we do not really feel is as a complication, but they are just some things that requires a higher degree of thinking, a situation hard to solve, and when this happens, our body and mind has a choice to react negatively or positively.

How do we actually do it, what do we do?
Understanding how we deal with it, can help a lot, of course its just one of the few things that we can do.

Ask yourself, how do you react in a complicated situation? Perhaps when you’re having someone who’s just trying to bring you down at work? , A high school bully? , The bills you’re trying to pay off every month? What impact does it brings to you and the people around you? Does it get worse, or does it get better or nowhere at all?

Ask yourself, have you considered the different options you could take to solve a situation?

Lastly, how do you feel after going through it, do you feel better, or do you feel there’s something that you could have improved on. Reflection.

Through this, i believe we can find ways that we can actually help understand ourselves better, and deal with things more effectively.

How about you ? What do you think of this ? 🙂

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Strenuously Month

Strenuous‘ is the word.
Reason being? , The past month, I’ve actually had to deal with multitasking many things at one time, having to juggle, schoolwork and to add on to that, exams. Driving lessons as well, followed by having to also save some time for blogging, and also social meetups. One needs a really good and well planned schedule, focus and good planning to ensure he/she gets the  best of everything for productivity which is i could say is a challenging thing if you’re having so many things.

Here’s what i think may help you in on your way to make use of your day when you have to juggle so many things at one time

  • have an organizer (plan your day well, this helps to prevent you from beating yourself up trying to remember what’s your next plan for the day, even e-organizers such as Google calendar works well + you can sync it to your mobile)
  • categorize your plans (in order of importance)
  • Take breaks if you can in between if you’re too caught up with everything
  • Think of other alternatives ( postponing to a later time, call a friend for help)
  • Settle plans one at a time *unless if your job is required to multitask at the same time
  • Deep breaths help you in calming yourself
  • Be mentally prepared for what you’re about to do the next day. You have your plans, stick to it.
  • If you’re doing a lot of things, sleep well, and eat your food well, you need to make sure you’re in good shape and condition. Pop a nutrition pill that might help give you a boost.

I believe all that effort however paid off, and currently in the holidays I feel more contented that I’ve went through what i did in the past month.

How about you? What is your word ?

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Unhappy Ways

Now this is a question with a thought in mind that we should understand and reflect on. Let’s look at it in this way. Anything that allows you to change your mood from happy to sad such as ,

  1. thinking negatively
    Whatever you do, if you keep on telling yourself that you can’t make it, and you don’t even want to try to do something when you’re sad, that will make you really unhappy.
  2. listening to sad songs and sad documentaries/movies
    Songs are known to also bring out the emotions in one’s self. Songs relating to heartbroken, death or whatsoever unless its a cheer up song won’t really have an effect of making you feel happy, instead make you stay unhappy.
  3. Purposely hurting yourself on purpose
    although it may seem like a good idea when you cut, or slap yourself in the face , it will still not help with the purpose of getting better, because in the end you will still feel pain. You’re unhappy about things, so you have to counter it and not feel helpless about it. Instead of feeling happy, what you feel is emptiness.
  4. Not doing something you love or enjoy 
    Of  course, when you’re working for someone who you don’t like, when someone pisses you off, when you get into the zone, and end up fighting, not able to pay the bills, you got a ticket for drunk driving.  It may not look like a big deal, but combine all of them together, stack them up problem after another and you’ll find yourself in a never ending trap of unhappy scenes and that can can be proven danger in the long run.
How about you? What are your thoughts on this? 

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