Daily Question By Thought Questions : Caring for our environment and future.

I think that more people should start caring about the environment. There has been so much change in the weather these days. The weather’s very unpredictable at times, and I think that this has got to do with some melting ice polar caps, the depletion of the ozone layer and of course its important to know where this come from.

I think that we should all understand the effects of this, and be more appreciative, be more conservative, and find other alternatives if possible to make the world live a little longer.

We can’t save the world, but we can each do our part by helping ourselves care for our future generations.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Reaching home contented

When I come home every single day, would be to have the content of having to reach home with a smile, when I feel like I’ve actually done something good for the day. Usually I won’t be back so soon like after class, or probably after just errands in the morning, so I would usually make full use of my day, and whenever I step into the doorstep of my house, I feel a sense of relief, a sense of being safe. That feeling I just have each time, is the best part of my average day, because I know, I’ve returned to base, I’ve managed to go through something, learn something, and bring it back home with me.

That’s how I feel, how about you guys ?

Daily Question By Thought Questions : I see opportunities


Everywhere I go, I’m able to see opportunities. For example, at home, I see the opportunity of cleaning my room, when I’m down my area, I see the opportunity of me driving a car on the path which signals me to get a driving license fast, I see the opportunity of talking to my neighbor when I go out so that next time, I don’t feel so awkward and feel so lonely or should when I need help.

Sometimes, for some reason we’re just not totally conscious about what we do. Our mind is somewhere else, on the phone, running through your plans in our mind and we actually neglect the positive aura that’s coming from our surrounding. The wind, the sound of trees, the green grass, I mean, it’s good that grasses don’t come in weird colors that hurts the eye. Green is good for grass. Probably someone in the street who requires help, a piece of land that you feel you would be able to use to make into something useful, a broken down machine that you can repair, a volunteering organization that requires your need.

Okay, so the next time you feel conscious, take some time to actually enjoy your surrounding. Learn how to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the trees growing around your neighborhood and such. Through that I believe you can actually see opportunities around you.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Give a Helping Hand

I think something that everyone should start doing for others for at least once in their life, is to help someone without the need of wanting anything back in return, because life as I know it revolves around and for what you give to to others, you do or will get something in return. It may not come around an hour after, it may not come a day after, but it surely will come back to you eventually. Doing a good deed can makes a person want to the do same for others and if everyone would start doing this for others, the world would be a better place to live in.

The photo is taken from www.thoughtquestions.com

How about you ?

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Family Bonding

I wish that Mum, sis and I could get together even more and bond with each other.Do you realize the moment when you feel that everyone’s busy with their own thing, it could be work, or just not being at home. If you do, then you’re in my place. Mum’s been handling customers from 10 to 10, even more than that, to account for more than 12 hours of work every day, I usually have time to see my mum on a Wednesday, provided she’s at home, if not she would be somewhere else just getting a rest, and make her own off day.

My sis is usually working at night shifts, and as you know the circadian biological clock goes, you can’t get good quality sleep without having blind curtains, and a strict timing to get proper rest. Especially when she’s exposed to the sunlight that makes her more active than making her to want to go to sleep. I guess the studies in school about sleep deprivation, helps me understand my sis better, which is why I prefer not to disturb her when she’s sleeping because she definitely need the rest. 

However, I just want my family to bond more whenever we can, because there’s nothing much more important than family.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Lies and brags shit.

Honestly, its hard to trust someone who would always likes to lie from time to time. Its hard to even trust someone who brags and lies about whatever he/she is saying. The people that are doing I feel just demand attention, that they’re willing to go to such measures to do so, which I believe is just unfair and wrong. What happens if the whole world starts to lie about what they do, and brag about what they’re not, who else can you trust. In my gut feeling, I just feel that it would help to not be friends with someone who does this, so that you do not feel cheated, or taken advantage of or perhaps even being influenced to something that’s not even true.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Understanding Change

Well, I can say that I’ve learnt to be a more responsible and more mindful person. Previously the past year, my life was all about enjoying, partying hard, and having lots of fun, but after a year has passed, I’ve been much more aware of such situations. I am still having fun in a way that I’m trying out for new stuffs which I hope I can still imply for as long as I live,  I have learnt to be more aware of my wants and my needs. I have started to be mindful of the reason I’m being in a place (for e.g , when I’m in school, I’m there to learn and absorb new knowledge) and as such, I should be mentally and physically present.

How about you ?