Why is the 2013 Singapore Blog Awards Incredibly Awesome?

IMG 5018

I’ve never been to a bloggers award ceremony.

Despite years of blogging for the fun of it, I’ve never really tried to find out if there was even awards for such thing, but this time round, i managed to get invited for the ceremony as part of event coverage thanks to OMY.SG.

My ‘jaw dropped’, when i entered Shanghai Dolly, surprised to experience the glam entering the big sized doors. It felt even more weird when i realised the amount of media and coverage they had on the event.

Bloggers was in their 60’s theme, guys in their hippie costume, AGOGO, afro-style hair, and ladies in their striking and/or flowery 60’s dress, and out of all that, there i was, in the corner with a long grey sleeve and beige pants from Uniqlo 🙂

Despite all that ‘weirdness’ , I was relieved to have Tiffany ‘Orange’ , Carine, and Meryl from the previous Domino Pizza event meet-up to accompany me.

Pre-Award Ceremony
The ambience felt ‘atas’ (high end). There were bouncers ‘guarding’ the event, media with video cameras, lights, action. Large posters, banners showcasing finalists and the SBA award ceremony. Nice gentlemen’s and ladies with their suit serving the guests drinks, and also a even a nice photo booth with props for us to join in the 60’s movement.

Photo Booth SBA

Award Ceremony
The event was followed through with a series of awards given out to finalists of each of the blog depending on the type of categories they were in. There were a lot of awards given so I didn’t get a hold of who won what, thankfully enough, Alvinology’s post helped out on this, so behold the very good list of bloggers.

Main categories:

Celebrity Categories :
Special Categories :

#omysba2013 Group Photo

Food, Food, Food.
Food was delightful, either that or I was just hungry. Part of my presence being there was to swift over to the food corner to eat Fried rice, chicken , sushi’s of all kinds, and desserts

omySBA2013 fried riceomysba2013 foodomysba2013 food prawnomysba2013 sushi corneromysba2013 green corneromysba2013 durianpuff

Pictures with Other Bloggers/Celebrities
A good reason to go to the event was this. It felt really good to be a part of a blogger’s community, meet new friends, know people who’s been doing it for years, doing an awesome job at blogging. It feels even better being able to take photos with them. SBA award with bloggersWith Carine, ShuHui, Orange and Meryl998840 10201542464303242 189556482 n264408 10201542465903282 785188817 nIMG 5016With Forest.IMG 5038Finally happen to meet Mitsueki in person, after following her on her blog for sometime.

Dance Catwalks
It was entertaining watching finalists doing catwalks of the 60’s theme. There’s trademark in each of them, and we had a good laugh and winner was decided by giving the loudest cheer.IMG 5074Mr Smith with his ‘real’ hair.IMG 5083Mr Uncle Char Kway Teow.IMG 5106Policeman in the 60’s (WINNER)IMG 5096Ninja Sisters SG in shiny dresses

Goodie Bag
To top all that, there were still goodie bag with vouchers and small gifts from sponsors for the event at the end of the day.

To end this post,
The event was incredibly awesome because I feel it has allows bloggers to challenge themselves to be creative and find inspiration. Bloggers work hard to deliver time and effort to create good content for readers, they too deserve a good prize.

I’m already happy to be able to see Singapore Blog Awards 2013 without participating in any of the awards,  because  I was able to see and now get to know more of the one’s who won, and hopefully learn more of their blogging techniques.

I hope with this, you were able to also felt how i felt being there. Are you also a blogger from Singapore? Do you plan to participate in the awards or something similar this coming year or the next year?

For more, follow #omysba2013 on twitter or Instagram

Chef Gordon Ramsey Battle With Singapore Hawker Heroes

I’ve got to say, this is one of the best thing that could happen in history watching, Gordon Ramsey battling it out with Singaporean hawkers.

Its Singapore Vs Ramsay

Things to know about Gordon Ramsey

  1. He currently has about 23 restaurants
  2. He used to be a football player playing for Warwickshire until he was marked with injuries.
  3. He started his career in 1980’s as a commis(basic) chef, became head chef in 1993 and opened his first own restaurant in 1998 in Chelsea.
  4. Stars in 14 various television shows some of them are; Boiling Point, Kitchen Nightmares, The F word, Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 5.15.30 PM

I find it interesting and cool, that he’s coming to Singapore. The only time I’m able to see him would be watching him on Hell’s Kitchen, a reality television cooking show. I would remember him for his straightforward comments towards the chefs battling it out, his cursing, especially.

But, after all of that, I think he still does it good because he’s good. I remembered an episode where Gordon Ramsey himself came in to the kitchen and cooked in order not to ruin the event, which also means that he’s not really a mean pissed off angry green man, all the time.

If he can turn people into masterchefs, transform pubs into gastropubs(high end pubs), and really know his stuff well, then i don’t know how the battle between him and the hawker heroes is going to be.

They had a voting recently for those who is battling it out with him and three has been chosen.

1st and foremost is Foo Kui Lian who think she won’t win because she’s just a housewife, she does however believe if western chefs are willing to study and research, they might be able to do it better than us. Kudos for being humble, aunty! I still wish you the best.

2nd vote goes to Ang Kiam Meng, and he doesn’t think that a foreigner can master Singapore’s Chilli Crab, because his chefs has been cooking the same dish for over 25 years. I hope it’s as good as you say, Mr Ang Kiam Meng, because there’s really no knowing of what he can bring to the table.

3rd vote then goes to Mr Ryan Koh, who thinks he will win because he has more experience than Gordon Ramsey. I hope your experience with cooking Katong Laksa is as good as you say, and though he might not be cooking Katong Laksa in his life, he has been with the best chefs like Joël Robuchon, a french Chef who also owns his own restaurant at RWS Resort World Sentosa.

Personally, i feel that it could be one way or another. There’s a lot to compare for when someone is cooking for a fine-dine in restaurant, and cooking at a hawker centre.

Chef Gordon Ramsey may be good in his kitchen, but maybe not in the hawker stalls, where things are messy, cramped up, and hot.

The taste of Singapore food may be a delicacy to a group of Singaporeans because of its authentic taste, but if Gordon Ramsey was to step up and make it better, then it’s again up to preference. Some people like their dish to taste a certain way, and no amount of change to that taste, would affect their voting.

I’m not going to critic on Singapore food listed above. and how it taste, because I’ve never tried any of the hawker stalls that was listed above, because I didn’t even know they were nice. Obviously I’m not much of a food-searching fan 😀 , and some of it might not be exactly Halal. Though i would say if Chef Gordon Ramsey can make better Chilli Crab, Singaporeans might just be in a bit of trouble because Singapore is known for their Chilli Crab, at least that’s what locals or wiki would say. Until now I’ve never really known why cause I’ve never tasted Chilli crab outside of Singapore and compare them together.

If you’re out there, then I think you should come down to Newton because there will be a the final showdown.

Event details:
Date: 7 July 2013 (this Sunday)
Time: 6:30pm to 9pm
Venue: Newton Food Centre, 500 Clemenceau Avenue North, Singapore 229495

Follow #hawkerheroes or http://info.singtel.com/

Just so you know, here’s how crowded it already was when he came.

Gordon Ramsey in Singapore

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A direction for the Blog

I’ve been thinking lately, on what I should focus on for my blog. There are so many bloggers out there with different kind of blogs.

*Blog Update

Food blog, travel blog, lifestyle blog (which talks about life i guess, but still i don’t really know what it is), family, parenting, news blog (which i find interesting to read but i don’t want my blog to be a newspaper all the way because it’s so personal) is just a few of them.

If i were to blog about news all the time, then it wouldn’t portray much of what I’m experiencing and more of what everyone else is experiencing. (too much?)

It seems like I don’t feel the same with their blogs and mine because it felt like there are   different ways of showcasing one’s blog . Even till now, I think having to always write about things like how a personal writer would about their life  a diary rather than a blogger who showcases themselves and connects with more audience just feels different. It’s also probably be because I’ve been trying to implement some of the blogging methods, which feel a little foreign to me. (Thinking of pictures, step-by-step procedures, thinking of social media, and how to connect with more people, not easy really.) Maybe after the years that I’ve been spending blogging, I’ve built a connection for the blog, and seeing it go out of direction just makes me go a little bit nervous.

So how then? I still need to do something about it,  I was thinking of doing something that I’ll enjoy doing.  Going through other bloggers website, seeing their different categories and wondering about how I can then describe my blog more easily, I’ve come up with a direction to aim for by looking at what I’d like to do.

I like big events, it really gets one into the mood, getting into backstage passes, or meeting cool people and interviewing them , sometimes i wish i could do that!

I aim to blog about more events by taking good quality photos of the event , get comments and views, and allowing myself to plan time to go for those events.

I plan to blog about events that helps with creating more awareness, or more connecting with audience about really interesting things.

I like to do more personal reviews, because i feel that it’s good to share what’s nice and what’s not.

I aim to give reviews unbiased along with true content  which would help other readers with making their choices and decisions.


I might have something else in mind, but it’s still in a mist, but these are the few things I’ll blog about.


How You Can Protect Mother Earth?

I want to be a part of something big. I like doing something for a reason, for a cause. I want to support that cause, and make a change. It might sounds too big coming from a person like me, but I believe every small step makes a difference.

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

I’m very concerned about how the world is changing. The weather and climate are changing, even to the extent that what’s not supposed happen,is happening  like hails in my own country Singapore. There’s a lot of things I feel that needs help, and I feel that there is a need for more awareness.

I was recently inspired by the Earth Day Network, happen to saw an email that was sent and linked to a video by Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son and in the video, he talks about The Canopy Project, how we should do our part by getting to work to help save Earth. In this project, the aim is to save the Earth by planting 10 million trees in the next 5 years.

How you can contribute?

You can contribute by taking a little bit of your time to help by taking action, pledging  or supporting other similar actions.

Currently, the featured actions are to help

  • support Obama’s Climate Plan,
  • end Junk mails in your mail box by signing yourself up with organisations that helps to filter out these mails.
  • Support new fuel standards, where its aim is to propose stricter vehicle emission and fuel standards to help reduce pollution levels and keep the air clean

Some of the acts allows you to send a message to the presidents, or to high authorities to let them know that there are people supporting these actions. The messages are also laid out there for you. What you need to do is just send.

Other acts you can also choose to do

If you happen to always receive bills through the letter box, you may choose to also see if the company has a choice of e-statement billing. Instead of you getting the bills on paper, you may opt to choose to see through online instead. This in return also help to save paper.

Support local causes to help save Earth. I used to help clean the beach and ensure the cleanliness of the beach so that’s part of protecting Mother Earth. If there’s a tree planting activity in the local area, why not join?

Support by using environmental products. There are stores that sells environmental friendly products and allows creative ways of helping you to go green.

Donate to organisations such as The Earth Day Network. If you happen to have that spare in your pocket, even $1 is helpful.

Thanks for reading and hope you may also play your part in being green !

*please note that this isn’t an advertorial post, where I’m being paid to promote the site.

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In the Event of a Haze, Singapore.

I understand that Singapore and Malaysia has been affected by Indonesia’s Haze, and everyone is going on and over it.

From We Are Social.

In fact, i just found out that the recent haze was made so known so much through social media, that people around the world are starting to find out what is this ‘Singapore’ or even trying to understand where Singapore is in the world map, and no, Singapore isn’t in China, nor is it Korean.

Not sure if true (found it here), but from what I’ve also heard respiratory masks are crashing  Amazon Market servers due to  buyers eager to find other alternatives after local markets of the masks are sold out, can i just say i hope you understand, Singapore and its ‘kiasuness‘.

Singapore News About Haze

The way I see it,  it feels like when I do search and crawl about Singapore news, the main highlight is the haze. Haze here, there, everywhere. I really understand the need to know about what is done with the haze issue, what was discussed among Singapore and Indonesia’s representatives. I really appreciate the news trying to ‘console’ the rage of certain Singaporeans, and what some schools companies have done to alleviate the problems when PSI’s was high.

Let’s look at this in a positive thinking and put the blame aside, Singapore. Lets help ourselves by thinking of other alternatives or ways of making ourselves productive and positive in the event of a haze.

Things you can do while Indoors.

  • Clean the house. I think its really how we see it. Use the time we have trying to avoid the haze particles, to find time to see what could be done better to improve the situation of our own house. Rearranging cabinets, or make time to clean that dusty fan in your room that’s been there for years. Check your aircon and clean it, it might already be dusty due to the haze.
  • Cook. Its a good day to have closed ones around you. What’s better then connecting and bonding with them by having a special dinner, in commemoration of having to be positive about the haze.
  • Watch TV. It’s been awhile maybe since you had gather all your closed ones together. Time for some TV, or movie at home. Probably a hot warm chocolate to help make you feel better during cold hazy nights.

How about those who still needs to go out and work then?

Things you can do when you’re outside

  • Be more conscious. Be aware of the surroundings around you, because visibility is poor, you won’t know what’s coming, drivers.
  • Wear a mask. Prevention is the key. I understand how annoying it is or maybe how ‘uncool’ wearing a mask is, but health is important, even if you have super awesome lung capabilities or strong defence system in your body.
  • Reduce the need to stay outdoors. Try to stay indoors as much as you can. If your job requires you to stay outdoors, then be extra concerned about your body and health. Drink water.
  • Smile. The haze might be affecting your mood, so smiling with your colleagues help make your day a little bit better. Have you seen those funny haze adverts they have been creating, yes see that.

Things you can do in overall

Lets pray and hope for the safety of the people who still have to keep the nation running, those who requires to be out in the haze, and those who’s involved with reporting news in Jakarta. Lets make this a nation wide effort, to consider helping those in need during these time of crisis.

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Instagram Vs Vine, What’s going on?


Facebook recently released out a new video function for Instagram app users with the ability to record 15 seconds video. The recent news has currently taken the social media by storm. News channels and blogs almost everywhere are blogging about it, Forbes, Yahoo, TheGuardian covering what’s in store for the new Instagram Video. Even my blogger friend, Mitsueki is blogging about it.

So in order to help out, I’ll try my best to give out the links, to make you understand what’s going on in the not so complicating way possible.

What’s the huss and fuss about Instagram new Video feature?

Capability with Platforms.

The first release was out from Apple’s Store, with the new Instagram 4.0 version. The plus point for the new update is that, would be the inclusive 13 filters that goes along with the video, followed by the Google App Store that was available a few hours later.

This is naturally fine, however the current version for Android apps supports only from Jellybean 4.1 onwards. Which means that those using Android phones only compatible up to 4.0 JellyBean, won’t benefit much from this app. Unless they choose to make it compatible. So fellas, if you’re using an Samsung S2 like me, so sorry to say that it’s not available yet, unless they plan to make it compatible

The new Cinema is a stabilisation feature technology available is IOS4 and IOS5, allows  a more stable video recording feature to minimize ‘shaky’ video in return producing better looking videos. Again, only available for iOS users. Android users won’t benefit much from this new technology unless they choose to implement it later on.

Vine uses to have its app available to iOS but recently allowed users Android 4.0 Jellybean onwards to use the app, which is a plus point.

Comparing between Instagram VS Vine, Tech Crunch have kindly showed the comparison between both, which might cover all of your need-to know’s and speculations.

For more information and more details on its comparison, here’s the link.

On the social media platform side, From what i know, the battle of words have been going on around about saying how Instagram will take over Vine.

One of the benefits Instagram video will have over Vine is that it already has a dedicated audience. Instagram has 130m active users, Systrom said at the unveiling, with 1bn likes a day. Vine, which Twitter bought for $30m, launched as a new app in January, with users having to build followers from scratch. – via Guardian

“Vine is like fast food, while Instagram video is more like eating in a nicer restaurant,” said Ovum analyst Jan Dawson.

But, Vine users on the other hand has a different feeling about its new rival, saying

People are comparing the Vine’s and Instagram’s feature set, which makes sense. But Vine has developed a culture that’s weird, young, and funny. The Atlantic

A few responses from users came up with  #TeamVine to express out their opinions.

It’s kinda true when you see it. Vine has been mostly used about over so many times in conjunction with Twitter, and have been used to create those funny 6 second videos, , and sometimes shared on Facebook. The community that surrounds these Vine users, reminded me of 9GAG or 4Chan’s era. Funny viral videos. It makes it even better that’s in on loop, because that’s what makes Vine videos, Vine.

I have a feeling that Facebook’ implementation to the new Instagram Video feature, will change a lot on people’s perspective now, but still only time will tell.

So the question really is, are you joining the Facebook’s Instagram that harnessing its new anti-shake technology or the Twitter’s Vine, the colonial rich history known for its 6 secs video community?

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Domino Pizza Inter-Blogger Contest Event

On the 13th June 2013, I went on for my very first blog event. Not knowing what to expect, I went on, even though i was nervous like madcow :D, because i was partly curious at the same time quite excited to see other bloggers from my own country attending. That gave me the motivation to influence myself to just go.

Domino's Pizza Kovan

Domino’s Pizza Kovan

The meetup was at Domino’s Pizza at Kovan,located at 943/945 Upper Serangoon Road, which was a few mins walk away from Kovan Mrt Station.Thankfully i didn’t get lost because there was a kind mum and good son who directed me the way to walk to Domino’s .

There was a space set aside for the event, with lots of stand up banners, white chairs and tables, and went I arrived, there were people sitting down chatting, which i believe were are the bloggers. Yippee! I’m not lost!

Domino's Pizza File

Domino’s Pizza File

Greeted by the organisers for the day, i was given a sexy Domino’s Pizza tattoo on my hand.

Sitting in a room with new strangers, not knowing anyone, i managed to talk to a guy called Shaun, sitting next to me which happen to be a fellow Singaporean blogger as well. We were happily chatting, and another girl joined in, Karine.

Soon enough we were getting to know everyone around.

The event started with a introduction presentation, by Chrissie (if I’m not wrong), and she help us to brief us on the Inter-blogger Domino’s Pizza Contest.

I was quite shocked when the were giving out prizes to the previous inter-blogger contest event because there was a blogger by the name of William who was able to sell about 2531 pizzas in a period of what, two months? Gotta say, that’s just WOW.

The prize ceremony was given out to other bloggers as well, and i got to say, its really good prizes.

UncleTehPeng recieving Domino's Pizza awardimg_4790img_4786img_4794

Soon after the presentation was done, pizzas were served!

Pizza blogger phototaking

Trying to control. Am i hungry? Of course, but still have to take photos first !

img_4805 img_4806 img_4804 img_4802 img_4799 img_4798 img_4797 img_4796

The pizzas were mesmerizing. They come in really special flavours, and can be made to your liking.



Chocolate Lava Cake, why lava?img_4817

Just look at that.. oozing, imagine your taste buds devouring that. HAHA 😉

Here are some other amazing pictures taken during the event 🙂

Stoner dressed as a Pizza

Look I’m a Pizza ! NyomNyom

Stoner and Shaun

Shaun is an amazing guy blogger. I just found out he’s a Kiehl’s boy.


New blogger friends, Meryl who blogs about beauty and lifestyle and Orange who blogs about gaming. Cool!


Managed to also get a chance to take photos with Damien aka UncleTehPeng , travel and food blogger who also likes tehpeng, Malcolm Sunny, a travel and lifestyle blogger and Mr Smith, a really cool guy who blogs about anything under the sun and likes watching NBA.


The one in the centre is Dawn, recently posting about fitness and gyming, she’s got cool triceps 😉


Carine is an Indonesian blogger, also living in SG.


Group Shot!

The whole event was a really nice experience for me. Its my first time blog event and I’m glad to say I enjoyed it really much.

Enjoy the video! There’s a warcry at the end.

Happening quite soon, I’ll be writing another post on about the different pizzas they have to offer, and how to use the Domino’s Pizza Iphone App to your advantage, and not only that but also allows you, yes you to get 50% off deals on all the pizzas. Really? Awesome right? 🙂 In the meantime do check out the Domino’s Pizza website!



Like their Facebook Page as well here!

Support www.omy.sg for news updates.

Special thanks to Alvin from OMY as well as The OMY committee and Domino’s Pizza for making it possible.

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