Support the Earthship Project For A Good Cause

Most of us are lucky to have our common staple needs, like water and food supplies, shelter and electricity at our doorsteps. Through these, we allow ourselves to progress with life and don’t have the need to worry about how to survive.

But how about those people who lives in hard conditions where natural resources are scarce?

Came the brilliant idea of Earthships from Mike Reynolds, providing solutions and a new way of living communally.

So what are EarthShips?

Earthships are 100% sustainable off-the-grid structures that are both cheap to build that use modern engineering to work with the natural processes of the planet to provide automated generation of food, water and energy, all at zero cost to its inhabitants.

In other words, it allows the inhabitants, to live depending on themselves and what they have.


Food are important, so the Earthship allows the people to grow their own food through greenhouses without worrying about climate. It allows to grow crops all year round and also build your own fishing pond or chicken coop. I can agree to that.

Amazing Water Recycling System

The building makes uses of the rain water catchment system, which collects rainwater which helps to make use of every thing running in and out of the houses. It filters the water for drinking, showers and sinks, the used up ‘grey’ water are then used for their edible plants/crops and after cleaned by plants, it’s then used for the toilets, and  those ‘black’ water are used to provide nutrients for non-edible plants outside the exterior garden.


Made up of Recycled Materials

Most of the structures for the base are made with used tires which are available almost anywhere or thrown away and the walls are made using recycled water plastic or glass bottles.



phoca_thumb_l_IMG_4063Energy Wise

These Earthships use solar panels and wind generators to get their energy and provide lights and  to other parts of the house that requires electricity.


No more bills

No more worries about bills as everything is done to recycling water and generating on electricity. Surviving on a no cost payment. Now you don’t have to think on how to pay for bills and instead focus on how to do great things.

Better Life ahead

Imagine if we can learn to build a better life with Earthships. That would change the way how we manage our lives. We can learn how to love the environment, and also save planet Earth from completely depleting. We can let the world regenerate and be part of that regeneration instead of consumption.

But then again, sustainable doesn’t mean that we’re living in places that’s basic and  not equipped.

3471114639_6ab9bc0feb_z earthship11 PHOENIXBATH-625x416


Support the Earthship Malawi Project

Most of the Earthship Projects are used with items already available at use, but this time round, the team has built a new model, Flower Design to help third world countries, in Malawi, the plan is to build self-reliant community center complete with a school, library, bank, administration offices, medical center, and food store.


Through this project it allows the community to learn how to build their own Earthships and find self-reliance to survive with limited resources.

How can we contribute?


  • Visit the Kickstarter project and help to donate
  • Share this info with your friends
  • Write a post about it
  • Support the cause or if you’re really into it, learn how to build an Earthship at $1000 and be part of the amazing experience


Community Center Earthship: Flower Prototype – Malawi


What the world decides to start living on Earthships concept , how cool is that?

More information or posts about the project
10 Reasons why Earthships Are  Awesome
Holy Moly Mothership

The post was inspired from following HighExistence, a community of conscious individuals wondering about life.



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How to Keep Your Charger Cables Nice and Safe

Tangled wires whenever you try to take your chargers for your laptops, cameras, handphones out from the bag, its annoying, i can really understand you. Wires also have a tendency to spoil if you don’t coil/ tie them properly, and the next thing you know, there it goes into the rubbish pile.

I once tried to put these wires together by using those metallic twist ties, but  I keep losing them whenever i take them out, or its just not that nice either because I have to keep twisting, and it might one day wear out. I had to find another solution. The thing that came to my mind, The Amazing Velcro.

Yes, it came to me suddenly. Long gone were the days when I carried textbooks together wrapped with those long velcro straps in my arms. Still it was so effective, because then I won’t lose them. Why didn’t i think of this before earlier?! That would have saved some money for Ice Cream! 

Velcro  Wire Straps

Velcro Wire Straps

I went to Home Fix to get these very handy straps.
I believe I got them only for about $5, in a bundle of 15 pieces. (it was a long time ago, it came in a plastic wrapper , so i can’t recall) which was a pretty nice deal considering its usefulness.

How to Tie Wire Chargers  Macbook and Camera Charger

How to Tie Wire Chargers Macbook and Camera Charger

Here’s how I use them for my Macbook Pro Charger and my camera Charger.

It fits nicely, easy to take out or put back on. I don’t have to worry about losing them, because coiling around the wire is a breeze . Its like having a  little handy-dandy pen slot on the side of your notebook.

If you want to know how I tie my cables together, I actually found this helpful video by Andy Traub that talks about how to keep your charger cables nicely on the Vimeo link below.

I hope my post has been insightful!

and last but not least, here’s a song for you!

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One Simple way How I start surfing the internet efficiently

I’m the type of guy who needs to check my social media daily (RUN! its an addiction i tell you now! ). Things like Facebook, Twitter, my Gmail account, and my dose of Feedly RSS reading, are some of the few i need to check.
Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.15.50 PM

I used to have my favourite websites bookmarked so I can easily access them, but just only recently, I’ve found a better way to help make my progress to start the day a little better.
By allowing myself to automatically open up a series of tabs once I start-up Google Chrome like the picture above, I’m already saving a min or two for having to click my bookmarks or typing in websites

I’m using Google Chrome for my regular web surfing ,I’m sure that other internet browsers are also capable of doing the same thing.

Here’s how to do it

1) Go to the options Menu on the right side of your browser and click on Settings.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 1.04.45 AM

2) On Startup section , select the Open a specific page or set of pages, and also click on Set pagesScreen Shot 2013-08-16 at 1.05.07 AM

From there, add in the URL of your desired choice. ( I normally use Google, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail on a daily basis)

*Click and copy the full address from the URL you entered.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 1.05.29 AM

Click okay and its done!

Now you can have your sites there for you every time you click on the web browser.

I’ve no idea why my friend’s name is on it, but I’m guessing it went to the last visited person.

Do you know any other cool ways to surf more better?

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The good chilled out Friends I’ve experienced in my life


Hanging out at Vivo City Rooftop

Hanging out at Vivo City Rooftop

A group of friends and I had a small hangout session after at Vivo after work.

Good chilled out friends are not easy to come by. I’ve met a lot of friends that come and go, countless of them at parties and events, but very few that stays and understands me. Im glad to have find a small group of friends that enjoys the simple things in life.

Its not just about that though. Making the best out of your time with people you care about matters. The best of part of having to be with good people is you learn to appreciate the good times in life.

Preparing for NS

How we are Preparing for NS

When you’re with good friends, you make the best of what you have and have fun no matter what the situation is in.

As the saying goes,

Make the best of what you got, when live gives you lemons, you make lemonades.

I can say we did unnatural things at some point of time, like going to ‘Toys R Us‘ and submerge ourselves into a pool of toys, camwhore with superhero masks and play around with rubber balls and longboards.

I’ve been learning to pick up the pieces that fits into my life of appreciating these moments, break free from trying to compose my ‘mature’ self for a while, let loose and be a kid again.

I don’t know if you feel the same as I, maybe the way you act with your siblings compared to a group of friends or someone you just met, the feeling is different.

You might be out with a group of friends doing what all adults should be doing, going shopping or having a dinner at some restaurant, having to look at the expensive clothes you’re going to plan to wear at the nightlife over in Clarke Quay,


You could just chill out with some good friends, have some takeaway food from your nearby hawker centre, chill out at a mall’s rooftop, and pretend you have superpowers.

I’m glad to have such friends. I don’t have to feel so bad about not behaving in a certain manner, and learnt to accept what he/she is doing for that matter, and purely okay with being our nerdiest selves, being okay with a true self, understand each other at our lowest and better self.

This is one of the few group of friends I’ve enjoyed my life with. Don’t be mistaken, there’s other groups of friends I do enjoy hanging out with too who is also chilled out and laid back.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you had a group of chilled out friends? What was your experience like?


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How to Improve your Body Posture and appear Confident.

folded arms

via lifehacker

I was sitting thinking about how my body language is affecting people. The more i thought of it, the more conscious i start to become. At the same time while doing so, I can’t help but to look at other people’s body and see what their body is trying to show.

There was a really cute girl in front of me while i board the train one day, but she seemed to be slouching down with her arms crossing in front of her. She seemed like a nice person, but her posture made it seem like she didn’t want to be seen or just want to be left alone with.

Have you ever thought of the message you’re bringing across while you’re standing with your arms folded in front?

An arm folded in front crossing each other signals insecurity. I happen to observe that this happens almost anywhere, or when there’s someone in your line of sight or zone.Then again, you might say its cold, which is also a sign of insecurity that you need to keep yourself warm.

These unconscious acts often leads to lesser communication because it makes you seem unapproachable. Other ways people are doing unconsciously is putting their bags in front of them, nervous tension, fiddling with their hands or trying to look down all the time and avoid eye contact.

Truth is there’s a lot of amount of people who do this unconsciously. I’ve to admit, as conscious as i am, i happen to do it too, so as soon as I realise what I’m doing, I quickly correct my standing position to make me look more approachable and visible at least.

I was following reading up on a book called ‘The Body Language Bible‘ by Judi James and in one of the chapters talks about your power posturing, which I find would be the best posture to make you look better, feel healthier and be confident.

Look in the mirror on how you would normally stand, and then try to compare it with you standing following the steps below.

  • Stretch your spine as if you’re trying to touch the ceiling with your head
  • Keep your head straight and chin at a right angle.
  • Wriggle your toes to make yourself feet aware. Know your ground well, and find the balance between both of your feet
  • Roll your shoulders in a circular motion starting from up and forward and then back and down. Keep it back and down
  • Keep fingertips brushed against side of your thighs.
  • Push your lower pelvis forward a little (men please be more delicate with this)
  • Take deep breaths in
  • Tuck in your stomach
  • And then Smile!

Does the Power Posturing make you look better, and appear more friendlier? Try applying it in your life and see some changes.

(it may feel a little bit weird standing in the position, because your body is used to your natural position, but you will soon get used to the new position) 

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5 Reasons Men shouldn’t ask Ladies for movies on the First Date

Its the same move in the same old book of dating , once you invite someone out for a movie date, you might want to get cosy and see if it works.

Couple watching movieIt is the most easiest part of having to go for a date, because you don’t have to spend so much effort to go out for a movie, but lets face it. Ladies in this new era has more expectations, thanks to real men out there who never fails to surprise them with new plans for their first date.

I once went out on a date and recommended her my ‘die die must watch’ show, but then i saw her busy sending Whatsapp messages over the phone for the past 30 mins. To me, that moment felt that she wasn’t interested or enjoying the movie at all.

I was right when she told me the movie was okay. It ended there.

Yeah, I’ve had my own share of ‘bad movie dates’.

So then what could have gone wrong?

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A direction for the Blog

I’ve been thinking lately, on what I should focus on for my blog. There are so many bloggers out there with different kind of blogs.

*Blog Update

Food blog, travel blog, lifestyle blog (which talks about life i guess, but still i don’t really know what it is), family, parenting, news blog (which i find interesting to read but i don’t want my blog to be a newspaper all the way because it’s so personal) is just a few of them.

If i were to blog about news all the time, then it wouldn’t portray much of what I’m experiencing and more of what everyone else is experiencing. (too much?)

It seems like I don’t feel the same with their blogs and mine because it felt like there are   different ways of showcasing one’s blog . Even till now, I think having to always write about things like how a personal writer would about their life  a diary rather than a blogger who showcases themselves and connects with more audience just feels different. It’s also probably be because I’ve been trying to implement some of the blogging methods, which feel a little foreign to me. (Thinking of pictures, step-by-step procedures, thinking of social media, and how to connect with more people, not easy really.) Maybe after the years that I’ve been spending blogging, I’ve built a connection for the blog, and seeing it go out of direction just makes me go a little bit nervous.

So how then? I still need to do something about it,  I was thinking of doing something that I’ll enjoy doing.  Going through other bloggers website, seeing their different categories and wondering about how I can then describe my blog more easily, I’ve come up with a direction to aim for by looking at what I’d like to do.

I like big events, it really gets one into the mood, getting into backstage passes, or meeting cool people and interviewing them , sometimes i wish i could do that!

I aim to blog about more events by taking good quality photos of the event , get comments and views, and allowing myself to plan time to go for those events.

I plan to blog about events that helps with creating more awareness, or more connecting with audience about really interesting things.

I like to do more personal reviews, because i feel that it’s good to share what’s nice and what’s not.

I aim to give reviews unbiased along with true content  which would help other readers with making their choices and decisions.


I might have something else in mind, but it’s still in a mist, but these are the few things I’ll blog about.