25-31 / 365 days

I tried to find as much pictures as I can throughout the journey of the missing days in which some were sent through my friend’s camera’s and some sharing of other days.

The ready for work ‘ handphone to get wet’ day


Right before i had myself dumped into the pool, i served my friends up, it was a random shot. When they went into the pool, that was when it started. after that, imagine a blackout of two days with no phone. My phone recovered after a good workmate of mine, dried it out.

a friend of mine shared a photo that gave me memories of the ITE days, this wasn’t just a school, it was the way of life.

Phone was working well, when I went back school, it was really nice of our faci to gave us chocolates. It was the last day of the year for our module because its holiday next Tuesday.

I don’t know why, but I’m gonna so miss this guy, He’s going to NS and a really nice friend.

Thankful, my phone’s camera is working well except for the button still though,and can’t wait to get started on this new book.