Worry Less Foxy.

Fox is feeling troubled tonight. He has no idea what is going on and around him. It’s as if his whole life is slowly swallowed up by the whole entire process of everyday life. He crave for more adventure, more meaning towards life, but tonight isn’t a go. Tonight, he spend his night on the cave again. His comfort for being at home tonight shimmers, for he wants more.

Why there you are again looking at yourself, haven’t u discovered what you want?  I’m sure you’re taking a long time with it, because I certainly am tired of looking at you sit down on me just like that?

What if Fox wasn’t clear, it seems as if he was doing the right thing, making the right move every single day towards his life, but he seems lost. In the deep forests, he’s looking at the moon trying to ask the moon the same question. The moon sits silently. No answer tonight. Not even a slight resemblance.

Craving for creativity, desire and more motivation at least to get out of the madness, the doubts and the questions. That’s what he needs.

Fox stepped into the realm unknown.


For as night the grows dark, so as dark as the heart starts to dwell and fonder upon the living of what seems to be a reality or just some man-made fantasy. The world as Fox knew it was believed to have been surrounded nothing but lies.

Vixens as beautiful even as it is known, but beneath within the the masked surface lies an even greater secret to depths of deception. Those fake furs will turn any sly foxes on, but there’s more to that than just a figure of struts and a blink of the eye. It was too late to turn back now.

Fox had stepped into that world, only to realize that he’s lying to himself.

Heart: Why are you doing this to yourself , fox. Why don’t you understand that there’s more to that in you, going into a realm unknown? Going into deep dark side of feelings, as if only I know how it feels like to have been in your situation and you knew it already and you still do it?

Fox could only understand and do what’s right for him now. To let things go for awhile, and go back to the path where he belongs.

Fox still standing and thinking,

Fox had a hard time deciding what was right, his heart was saying one thing and his mind the other. Fox’s heart told him that he should be with that someone, and then his mind would try to play the devil’s advocate and start having doubts. The heart chooses and as willingly accept the love he has, while the mind starts to tell him to carry on mingling.

“The world is not as simple as it seems” said Fox. The danger still lurks and owls have their eyes everywhere, looking at every single action the Fox does.

Fox’s heart still opens up to the wilderness that surrounds him.

Vixen-ited by the Vixen.

Fox felt at peace today, he had a good time with a really nice rainbow vixen. 🙂
Spending time gathering for food in the nearby river. He spent the evening with full of graciousness and had such a good time. He looks at the sky, and yet he thinks of whether what he’s doing is right.

oh mighty moon , your shine’s as reflective as the fool’s gold treasure in the vast land yet unknown, I need you like I need to know my feelings, for mine is as bright as yours. Appear before me, and I shall smile and dance my way out, spreading joy celebrating you once again, for as you give my vixen to inspiration to live hers.

Fox has rest back in his cavern.

Fox’s Hearts and he starts.

The Fox was a complicated one. He was a rare one, and wasn’t like any of the other fox out there. Rare wasn’t the main focus of his story,it wasn’t his in-thing either. he wasn’t like the other brave foxes, full of adventure. His rarity was believed to be cursed, taunted with by the other animals, his howl are as soft as the wind would carry his thoughts and never really reach, but touching the sky.

He was born late, suffered the cold wintery nights through. A slow learner he was, but he developed an artistic side. The other foxes might dampen his strength, but never his thoughts, for he believe that one day, he might just find his true identity.

His dreams was as big as the whole far regions of the earth he could imagine, but is surrounded by the  forest around him. Just outside that forest, there lies a dream . A dream of freedom.
Fox lies just in front of his cavern where he find rest and serenity, overlooking the horizon, and beyond there, was a vast wide and open land, the meadows filled with greenery, full of opportunity. Over there, lies where he believes he might just understand him.