How to save Electricity By Killing A Vampire?

It’s good that once in a while we remind each other on the importance of saving electricity.

My mum being the usual parent, is always nagging reminding me, of how I should learn to turn off the electricity every time I don’t use it. Being the stubborn one, I didn’t see the importance of it. It’s not that I don’t want to off the plug, but i find it so troublesome to have to turn it on again.

I tend to forget to switch off the lights in the toilet, my room lights , and my handphone charger when I leave the house.

Living with my parents before didn’t make me realise how crucial it is to them. After staying with grandma, and having to look at the bill once awhile (because its only me and her in the house) , I realise how much waste the money goes to the bill that we’re paying.

It isn’t as much difference as my parents place, and I didn’t realise that we’re using a lot of electricity. Well there could always only be one reason the bill was as higher. It’s me.

Yes, i felt that the habit of not turning off the switches when I’m not using them got the better of me. I felt that if I could have turn off the main appliance, i would have also save up money if I learn more about how it works.

Now there’s an even more crucial issue to handle.


I recently got an email from the Earth Day Network on this topic. In applies for mostly in the US for those wall sockets with no off button. If you’re not from there, this is also something you might want to know.

Did you know that even if you’re turning off the appliance, you’re also still sucking in energy? These are call energy vampires.

Even if you have your chargers off, it’s still important to unplug them from the sockets. Which means all those ovens, microwaves, toasters and TV that you’re using are still draining energy from your main sockets even if you have it off.

I cannot imagine how many vampires there are in my house. I also now understand how critical it is to also off your main power electricity  if you have one like they do in Singapore, Asia and Europe.

As recommended by the Earth Day Network page, to help yourself save money, it’s best to

  • unplug the appliance
  • turn off the main socket (the one from the wall) even better unplug your appliance from the main socket just in case you might have a faulty wall switch.
  • use a power strip to regulate the flow of electricity
  • Use energy-efficient appliances that consumes lesser power.

Here’s my commitment for helping to save my own bill

  1. Off my main power socket when not in use
  2. Unplug my handphone charger and coil them nicely
  3. Remind myself to see if there’s anything I can off before going out of the house

Do you have any methods to how you remind yourself to save electricity? If you do do share it with me in the comments.

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What I Learnt from Visiting My Relatives In the Kampung

Walking down that gravel road

I recently went on a short trip to Ayer Hitam in Malaysia to visit my a relative. I’ve been told by my parents that I was going to a kampung place (a small Malay village) , but I can’t remember anyone from there. The last time I visited the place was a toddler at the age of 5.

I never had thought of going to visit them because I was unfamiliar with their location, and unsure who they were. However that particular day, my parents drove grandma and I and all the way to Ayer Hitam, across the Tuas border and into Malaysia and reached our destination hour and a half later.

kampung house

My relative’s house

sunset with roads

The sunset at Ayer Hitam

The path linking from the main road was a small road and it can hardly fit two cars. One has to give way to another. Most of the areas was surrounded by trees of all kinds and some planted by their owners. The place had electrical cables running along poles on the side of the main road. It was a peaceful sight.

Standing in the middle of the road

Standing in the middle of the road

I  had never seen my relatives, my grandma’s brother’s wife. She lives alone while her son is out serving the army in Johor which is also a few hours away. The moment we saw each other and said hi,  I could see the relieve in her face and smile in her eyes and she hugged me really tight.

I must have somehow create an impact in her life back then. I couldn’t remember her, but she could remember me. I felt that I missed out on the people who knew me back when I was a kid.

Outside Ayer Hitam house

Having to be born in a fast paced country where technology and economy is fast on the rise and growing, I don’t have to really worry about electrical shortage, clean water or having a good environment.

Though the place I went wasn’t as bad as i mentioned on top,  it made me realise how lucky I must have been to be born in a green environment, good and steady development , good smooth roads, easy water access, having to have WIFI* easily accessible.

I’m near to the people I care about, and at least about an hour away the most in my own country.

Story Grandma Would Tell Me

She would tell stories of our history as we came from a poor family, how she had the need to tie pocket money coins for school in a handkerchief for my mum so tightly worrying that it might drop, that my mum couldn’t even open the knot when she wanted to buy food for recess break.

She told me of stories of how they would walk miles along the train tracks, just to send my mum to school, with my uncle on her side, and my aunt strapped on her shoulder. She would work in a factory like other workers would, but to earn extra cash, she went to wash the worker’s clothes, clean her boss house and took care of their place.

I still recall some hard moments  in her eyes and she express herself out to me, and I see it in this woman that she has gone through a lot to get to where she is today.

It made me realise and reflect, on how I should treasure what i have now.

I’ve yet to understand how the history of my generation of family have gone from the past till now. I would consider myself really lucky. Hopefully I would one day return a favor and help to make the generation of my family live a better life.

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Things You Missed Out Not Climbing that Staircase

I was observing how many people went up the staircase whenever they got out of the train to exit out from the underground station at Outram Park and the amount of people climbing up the staircase compared to those riding the escalator up to another level.

From my observation, it felt like there’s an aura that’s different spreading around individuals who went to take the stairs. What’s so different about it was the energy that was brought in them and it felt like how do I say, the black  among the white sheep, or the white along the red roses?

It just hit me at that moment and I felt more conscious with my surroundings. I ask myself, “Why are these people taking the staircase?”, I’m thinking of a specific reason to why they are taking the staircase instead of the escalator.

Why work so hard when things are already made easy for you right, Stoner? (that’s what my inner alternate would say to me)

And I told myself, why not take the staircase? It will sound cliché, but I felt a TRUE sense of achievement after doing it. I felt like I had a choice to either go for the escalator or the staircase, and that moment felt that I made a good choice because I’m able to tell myself to climb those steps, and just go for it. You really have to go for it to understand how it feels like.

I managed to do something that I didn’t believe I’m strong to do so mentally and said,  if I believe in myself, I can fight that excuses that goes in my mind like “I’m too lazy” , I’m too tired” or “The staircase is too high” and etc.

I can imagine the benefits it would have given myself if i started earlier , that extra training for my leg muscles in physical and feel more health conscious and stronger in mentality, and that’s a great thing for my well-being.

What I really appreciate and learn most from this small yet interesting part of life, it to have allowing me to train on the ability to focus on my thoughts , and training me on making good choices in life.

What if you decided to take the staircase for a day? What about  changing your routine to take the staircase to work every time you pass by the same station? What difference and impact can it bring to your life?

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Support the Earthship Project For A Good Cause

Most of us are lucky to have our common staple needs, like water and food supplies, shelter and electricity at our doorsteps. Through these, we allow ourselves to progress with life and don’t have the need to worry about how to survive.

But how about those people who lives in hard conditions where natural resources are scarce?

Came the brilliant idea of Earthships from Mike Reynolds, providing solutions and a new way of living communally.

So what are EarthShips?

Earthships are 100% sustainable off-the-grid structures that are both cheap to build that use modern engineering to work with the natural processes of the planet to provide automated generation of food, water and energy, all at zero cost to its inhabitants.

In other words, it allows the inhabitants, to live depending on themselves and what they have.


Food are important, so the Earthship allows the people to grow their own food through greenhouses without worrying about climate. It allows to grow crops all year round and also build your own fishing pond or chicken coop. I can agree to that.

Amazing Water Recycling System

The building makes uses of the rain water catchment system, which collects rainwater which helps to make use of every thing running in and out of the houses. It filters the water for drinking, showers and sinks, the used up ‘grey’ water are then used for their edible plants/crops and after cleaned by plants, it’s then used for the toilets, and  those ‘black’ water are used to provide nutrients for non-edible plants outside the exterior garden.


Made up of Recycled Materials

Most of the structures for the base are made with used tires which are available almost anywhere or thrown away and the walls are made using recycled water plastic or glass bottles.



phoca_thumb_l_IMG_4063Energy Wise

These Earthships use solar panels and wind generators to get their energy and provide lights and  to other parts of the house that requires electricity.


No more bills

No more worries about bills as everything is done to recycling water and generating on electricity. Surviving on a no cost payment. Now you don’t have to think on how to pay for bills and instead focus on how to do great things.

Better Life ahead

Imagine if we can learn to build a better life with Earthships. That would change the way how we manage our lives. We can learn how to love the environment, and also save planet Earth from completely depleting. We can let the world regenerate and be part of that regeneration instead of consumption.

But then again, sustainable doesn’t mean that we’re living in places that’s basic and  not equipped.

3471114639_6ab9bc0feb_z earthship11 PHOENIXBATH-625x416


Support the Earthship Malawi Project

Most of the Earthship Projects are used with items already available at use, but this time round, the team has built a new model, Flower Design to help third world countries, in Malawi, the plan is to build self-reliant community center complete with a school, library, bank, administration offices, medical center, and food store.


Through this project it allows the community to learn how to build their own Earthships and find self-reliance to survive with limited resources.

How can we contribute?


  • Visit the Kickstarter project and help to donate
  • Share this info with your friends
  • Write a post about it
  • Support the cause or if you’re really into it, learn how to build an Earthship at $1000 and be part of the amazing experience


Community Center Earthship: Flower Prototype – Malawi


What the world decides to start living on Earthships concept , how cool is that?

More information or posts about the project
10 Reasons why Earthships Are  Awesome
Holy Moly Mothership

The post was inspired from following HighExistence, a community of conscious individuals wondering about life.



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How to Keep Your Charger Cables Nice and Safe

Tangled wires whenever you try to take your chargers for your laptops, cameras, handphones out from the bag, its annoying, i can really understand you. Wires also have a tendency to spoil if you don’t coil/ tie them properly, and the next thing you know, there it goes into the rubbish pile.

I once tried to put these wires together by using those metallic twist ties, but  I keep losing them whenever i take them out, or its just not that nice either because I have to keep twisting, and it might one day wear out. I had to find another solution. The thing that came to my mind, The Amazing Velcro.

Yes, it came to me suddenly. Long gone were the days when I carried textbooks together wrapped with those long velcro straps in my arms. Still it was so effective, because then I won’t lose them. Why didn’t i think of this before earlier?! That would have saved some money for Ice Cream! 

Velcro  Wire Straps

Velcro Wire Straps

I went to Home Fix to get these very handy straps.
I believe I got them only for about $5, in a bundle of 15 pieces. (it was a long time ago, it came in a plastic wrapper , so i can’t recall) which was a pretty nice deal considering its usefulness.

How to Tie Wire Chargers  Macbook and Camera Charger

How to Tie Wire Chargers Macbook and Camera Charger

Here’s how I use them for my Macbook Pro Charger and my camera Charger.

It fits nicely, easy to take out or put back on. I don’t have to worry about losing them, because coiling around the wire is a breeze . Its like having a  little handy-dandy pen slot on the side of your notebook.

If you want to know how I tie my cables together, I actually found this helpful video by Andy Traub that talks about how to keep your charger cables nicely on the Vimeo link below.

I hope my post has been insightful!

and last but not least, here’s a song for you!

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One Simple way How I start surfing the internet efficiently

I’m the type of guy who needs to check my social media daily (RUN! its an addiction i tell you now! ). Things like Facebook, Twitter, my Gmail account, and my dose of Feedly RSS reading, are some of the few i need to check.
Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.15.50 PM

I used to have my favourite websites bookmarked so I can easily access them, but just only recently, I’ve found a better way to help make my progress to start the day a little better.
By allowing myself to automatically open up a series of tabs once I start-up Google Chrome like the picture above, I’m already saving a min or two for having to click my bookmarks or typing in websites

I’m using Google Chrome for my regular web surfing ,I’m sure that other internet browsers are also capable of doing the same thing.

Here’s how to do it

1) Go to the options Menu on the right side of your browser and click on Settings.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 1.04.45 AM

2) On Startup section , select the Open a specific page or set of pages, and also click on Set pagesScreen Shot 2013-08-16 at 1.05.07 AM

From there, add in the URL of your desired choice. ( I normally use Google, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail on a daily basis)

*Click and copy the full address from the URL you entered.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 1.05.29 AM

Click okay and its done!

Now you can have your sites there for you every time you click on the web browser.

I’ve no idea why my friend’s name is on it, but I’m guessing it went to the last visited person.

Do you know any other cool ways to surf more better?

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Celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2013

It has come to yet another end of the fasting month. If you realise that recently, I’ve posted a picture of me in a Hari Raya costume with Christmas antlers, well that picture was last year. 🙂


This year, my family decided to go for purple for the first day and green on the second. It feels more chill towards last year. I was able to curb my appetite and not suddenly just jump and gobble up the food at everyone’s house. Hurray!

It feels good to be able to celebrate Raya again, and though I come from a small family on my mum’s side, we’re really close. Usually,  first day would be to go to dad’s side followed by mum’s side the next day but not for us.

First Day

It was celebrated with a visit to my aunt’s house on mum’s side and we all gathered there.

The difference that  happened last year compared to this year would be me driving the car. Yes, my family has finally decided to appoint me as role :The Driver 😛

We went on a trip to the relatives on my dad’s side after going home, a few houses to stop by, but we didn’t take photos though :\ , maybe next year i will hopefully.

Second Day

Second day was then a visit along with my mum’s side, visiting some of my aunts, uncles, and some people that the parents knew. Managed to get more shots this time round.



Some of other good times we shared together

The day I can say was spent with more compassion this time. We didn’t go to a lot of houses compared to last year, but we did manage to spend more time with closed ones. I feel more calm because I managed to go through the memories of fasting month and I felt better because i stayed on more , and feel so appreciated of what I’ve gone through, so I decided to spend time with them more.

In conclusion,

This year Raya felt more deep than last year’s and I hope that bonds us even more. I didn’t get more duit raya from people, but that’s to be expected since I’m already more independent now.

That’s about it  😀 till the next post !


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