Daily Prompt: Flawed

What is your worst quality?


Hmm, okay, what is my worst quality, this has actually got me reflecting on the past years, its like taking back a trip down memory lane,except mine’s  a vortex with slideshows, and well just pieces of events happening.

I think my worst quality of what I have would be that I’ve not mastered in many things. I have a tendency to not complete things. Throughout the whole journey in my life, I have circled, swayed, jumped and crawled down from wanting to be this, and then that, and there’s always that ‘self-satisfaction’ that is missing.

When i was a kid, I had very random ambitions, a doctor, a singer, a game designer, a producer, an artist, a mechanic, a professional, someone sitting down on a big chair in a high-story building over looking the city, like a skyscraper.

Every part of my life, i had joined activities, so much of them, just because i was eager to try them all, and so was school, i had a Higher Nitec cert in IT, then when i passed, i ran far far away from my IT course for my polytechnic years and went into Civil Aviation, because simply i was eager to try something new. It could be because I’m such the ‘perfectionist’ trying to see where i fit best which until now,and i still haven’t be able to satisfy and say ‘ Okay, this is what I’m gonna be, _____ and this is what my dreams are. —– fullstop.


I always had the impression that I was the only one who was feeling this way, but during my internship at the airport, i got to know a lovely lady, CEA, working on her shift roaming the terminals, and i said,

So, what do you like to do, and what’s your strengths, and she said, well, it’s hard to say, I’m good at whatever anyone throws at me, I love challenges, and I like to broaden myself up to this. I don’t have a specific liking, I’m like the ‘Jack of all Trades, master of none’ . That triggered me, and so it was to my advantage that the ‘flawed’ version of myself, isn’t really that bad either.

Well, in may not be that I can’t be able to master something that i want, but that isn’t so bad. The best of the best people are multi-skilled , having envisioned the world  through their basic skills,with the ability to build and change the world ( of course with help of others).

Now that explains why my blog hasn’t have a specific topic throughout.(WHYYYY~) How’s that for a flaw, well a good flaw i guess ? 🙂

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What are you listening to Week #1

Hey guys, this post is dedicated towards influential music that I’m listening to. So the catch is I’m going to be posting a few song(s), be it new or old. With this, hopefully I’m able to give you guys a more understanding of why i view this songs and share the music 🙂

My mum loves Akon.
I recall talking to her in the car driving off the expressway, radio was playing hits, and out of nowhere, an Akon song came out, Mum asked me, “Who’s this artist, I hear him every time I’m on the radio. I like his songs”.

Till now even when i ask her, her fav artist would still be AKON. When asked she said “somehow i can feel what he’s saying in his songs, and plus i can catch what he’s saying unless the other people who’s singing too fast (referring to rappers) “.

I just laughed on and on.

This video of Wonder Girls – Like Money Featuring Akon, is a brand new track I’ve just listened to which features a cool concept, which reminds me of ‘TRON’ . Don’t you think so?

Wondergirls World Wide Sensation
I recall the awesome period of when Wonder Girls went boom and rise to fame with their song of ‘Nobody’ in 2009. 27 million views as of now over on Youtube for their music Video for Nobody, and one thing that I like about them is the ability for them to merge themselves to go for not only the Korean Market industry but also in the American Music Market. I wish more of my people here would think the same way, and we have a long way to go.
Their success is extraordinary and the group has been on so many tours across the globe. It is so influential that every time the song gets played, I can’t help myself but to dance to the moves like in the music video.
 In final, I think that both artists have done such a great impact on people’s lives, and I love the way they bring out their music to people. They both have really nice voices and the song right now, its a really amazing upbeat song. Love the beats 🙂

What are you listening to this week? 🙂 Share it with me !

Otherwise I’m different.

I don’t know.
Is being a nice person so hard to believe? Does it kill someone to know that there’s a nice person in this world without a bad intention? Is it so important to not believe in any good guy or girl that still exist in this world where people are still full of doubts?

A question that ran through my mind after being told by a friend of mine of how I might be too nice to someone that makes probably other people perceive me differently that a normal guy. Am i weird ? Do i look like I’m about to eat you up? Do i look like a pervert?

With that in mind, i went through the past few weeks, recalling my experience having to meet new friends at a house party. My intention was clear. To hang out with my friends.
Get to know new friends and just have one hell of a good time. I recalled taking photos, striking a conversation with someone new. I tried recalling how i say it, how i started it, and how i look at them. Not every single part of me consciously feels like I’m about to have a bad intention. Someone slipped and fall to the floor because of some spill. I worry someone else might fall over so without no hassle, i ask the owner for some towels to cover up the floor.

I can’t help someone up and be nice Otherwise I’m different. Do i need to show that I’m not a nice guy to prove that I’m not trying to be different. Shall i not smile, open the door for someone, cheer someone up, help in any way possible to make things comfortable?

Do you have a hunch about someone who might be ‘too nice’ . I believe that there’s no such thing. There’s nice with either the right or wrong intention. A doubt like this which i believe is common in the ‘safe zone’ where everyone is just very careful about people trying to be nice, because the common perception of nice needs to come with a reason and price. For others, they might feel like trying to be nice would make others think differently of them, and so nobody tries to be nice.

I just hope that one day, more people would be able to open up to believe that being nice is a chain reaction. There’s isn’t a need to worry about being nice to others. A book i read once quoted,

“Treat someone the same way you want to be treated”

and i hold on to that quote for as long as I can remember it because that’s what makes me want to do something about.

Give it a try and you might see some change in this world.
Till next time

Project 365 – day 27


Zak has been one of my best mates since school started. I considered him to be one of the close bro, actually the few friends that has been there for me at times. Even though we have our differences in many ways, I’m still glad that I have someone like him to talk to, and someone who won’t be afraid to tell me his true opinions.  Partied at Club Shake.

Recent Outing with Beats Encore

I never had so much fun meeting new people, especially the ones who are from Beats Encore. They’re a bunch of lovely people and they represent the school for the DrumzOut Audition which happened just a few days back. I got to be honest, they are actually really good compared to the rest who participated in the competition.

The beat Encore guys representing RP!

The power from the drums just blasting through the atmosphere reflects their passion for music, and when i see them, i feel like I’m in their world. I was so amazed at their performance ( or maybe because I’ve never seen one that’s better but never mind that), that i wanted to have join in the fun when they were jumping! 

Crowds for Drumzout Audition

Crowd’s was quite good but i think its because of only auditions, i bet the finals will be packed with even more people!

So if there’s any readers out there who’s local or if you guys are around Singapore and would like to watch them for the finals, do come and support them on the 23rd of June! Location is still to be confirmed but you can always come and check for updates over at B.E Facebook Fan page itself !


Daily Question By Thought Questions : Fear of Falling

I think a fear that i know is holding back is still the fear of falling down. I’m still a little bit traumatized over a series of events that has caused me to fall. I’ve dreamed of jumping down from a high story apartment recurring for 5 times in a single night. A few series of falls that I’ve taken into when i was young was on double deck bed and i landed on my head, so now, there’s a patch somewhere in the left corner of my head which is bald. If you’re asking, its not so obvious. haha !

I personally think that this fear actually prevents me from wanting to try daredevil rides, so its always something that is holding me back.
Just to ensure you guys, I’m not afraid of heights* , I just have a fear of falling down.

Of course, I feel that I have to do something about it, fight this fear, and so far, I’ve been taking slow baby steps, and being more confident of myself doing those high rope activities, crossing over, jumping over obstacles like those high elements.
That makes me thinking maybe i should organize i few high elements activities with my friends, to get this fear out of my life !

How about you then ? What is your fear , come and share with me, please don’t be shy ! 🙂 I assure you then I’m not your fear 😛