Arthur Newman Movie Review | Invitation


I was recently invited for a movie preview for Arthur Newman at the Shaw Preview Theater, thanks to OMY.SG.

Arthur-Newman-POSTER (1)


Directed by : Dante Ariola
Written by :Becky Johnston
Starring: Academy Award® Winner Colin Firth and also Golden Globe® Winner Emily Blunt
Genre : Comedy/Drama
Runtime :101 mins
Rated : R in US , M18 in Singapore


Wallace Avery, decides to have a second chance in life, leaving his wife and disconnected son behind, for a new life as Arthur Newman. Along the way through pursuing his new life, he found another girl who’s also trying to leave her past behind.


Thoughts and Opinions:

I admit, sometimes I wish I had another person’s life, living another man’s amazing dream. The world’s best is out there, why can’t I be one of them?

Get someone’s else life they said, but really how will it all work out? This would be the reason why I’ve wanted to watch Arthur Newman.

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