A direction for the Blog

I’ve been thinking lately, on what I should focus on for my blog. There are so many bloggers out there with different kind of blogs.

*Blog Update

Food blog, travel blog, lifestyle blog (which talks about life i guess, but still i don’t really know what it is), family, parenting, news blog (which i find interesting to read but i don’t want my blog to be a newspaper all the way because it’s so personal) is just a few of them.

If i were to blog about news all the time, then it wouldn’t portray much of what I’m experiencing and more of what everyone else is experiencing. (too much?)

It seems like I don’t feel the same with their blogs and mine because it felt like there are   different ways of showcasing one’s blog . Even till now, I think having to always write about things like how a personal writer would about their life  a diary rather than a blogger who showcases themselves and connects with more audience just feels different. It’s also probably be because I’ve been trying to implement some of the blogging methods, which feel a little foreign to me. (Thinking of pictures, step-by-step procedures, thinking of social media, and how to connect with more people, not easy really.) Maybe after the years that I’ve been spending blogging, I’ve built a connection for the blog, and seeing it go out of direction just makes me go a little bit nervous.

So how then? I still need to do something about it,  I was thinking of doing something that I’ll enjoy doing.  Going through other bloggers website, seeing their different categories and wondering about how I can then describe my blog more easily, I’ve come up with a direction to aim for by looking at what I’d like to do.

I like big events, it really gets one into the mood, getting into backstage passes, or meeting cool people and interviewing them , sometimes i wish i could do that!

I aim to blog about more events by taking good quality photos of the event , get comments and views, and allowing myself to plan time to go for those events.

I plan to blog about events that helps with creating more awareness, or more connecting with audience about really interesting things.

I like to do more personal reviews, because i feel that it’s good to share what’s nice and what’s not.

I aim to give reviews unbiased along with true content  which would help other readers with making their choices and decisions.


I might have something else in mind, but it’s still in a mist, but these are the few things I’ll blog about.


Live the better life while Tweeting

live the better life while tweeting

Stress comes into play, minds in shock, unable to move nor think. Dumbfounded. The world that we choose to believe sucks our brain, and takes form of another alternate side of us. The non-productive state of us, and the non-beneficial part of our life, choose to reside on the twitter app on our phone.

Complains, tons of them, piled up like pieces of paper that reaches the world’s tallest building but actions none taken. Social media has been made to engage with people through expressions and ability to share with billions  yet we choose to express the wrong type of impression.

We can’t blame ourselves for what we do, because we already feel bad, so we share it with the world because we feel bad, but little did we know, that a spread of sadness comes with a consequence far beyond measures.

Have someone tweet ‘It sucks today’, and having it retweeted across every other friends in the list, sooner or later, someone else who felt like they’re not having a good time, retweet that, and then what, you’ll have a whole nation saying, ‘it sucks today’. Influence are strong, especially with hashtags available these days.

Look inside each person deep enough and you can see that he/she churns out an aura that reflects the way we feel. Two person stepped into a puddle of water and then turned out to get pooped by a bird. Both feel bad, One choose to act in with a chilled out persona and let it go while another chooses to act with a bossy, complain-king persona. Which one would you rather spend time with?

It’s simple if one applies it visually. A person surrounding a group of friends gives out an aura that will affect the person around them. Show them how funny you are, and in return they will laugh with you, and enjoy your day. Talk to them about your boring life, how you had the worse day of all, and they wouldn’t most likely even feel like enjoying themselves, instead maybe ignore, or feel pitiful for you. They might cheer you up, because that’s what you need, it makes you feel a little bit better, but you realize then that the whole day’s highlight has been spent trying to make you feel better.

What if there’s no friends to attend to you then? What if you dont feel better stilll?

What if we can change all that bad feeling into a good feeling and make you feel better by your own? You might be wondering what the hell am I talking about.

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t tweet about how you feel, tweet all you want, but try this.

For every bad feeling you feel, have a change of mindset. Instead of tweeting, ‘Its so bad today, god i feel like im going to die ^$#(*% FML.’ or the ‘weather sucks! Now i can’t go out as planned! #sadlife #FML ‘

Turn it into positive or more encouraging words such as ‘There’s up and downs in life, I’m not going to let it bring me down #positive’ or ‘Even if things didn’t go as planned, I shall find something productive to do. In the mean time, rain please go away! #chill’

It’s hard to accept it but it’s not impossible. It might even sound unnatural or goody-good but it works. I’ve had my share of bad times, but I could never choose to display them negatively, not because I was not expressive, or afraid of knowing what people might think of me, but because I was mindful towards how my actions would make them feel.

Even if things doesn’t really change the fact that what happened has already happened, it does make a huge difference to how one feel at the end of the day. Not only will you feel much better, you might also cheer up someone at the other side who might be having a bad day and reading your tweets.

With that, i hope you reconsider reading your tweets, and how it sounds like, or how it would affect the others around you, and make it your own life-changing persona.

A good aura attracts a positive crowd, while a bad aura attracts the negative crowd.

Have a nice day. When everything feels wrong, we move along.



Facebook to introduce Hashtags

I was looking through the Facebook timeline, and i was like ‘UHUH!’

Remember when you used to Instagram your beautiful photos or tweet your most amazing quotes, hashtag them with nice ‘kewl’ words i think like at least 20 of them( i think you can go way off the charts)  then sharing them on Facebook and it ends up looking like this?

Sharing Instagram Pic on Facebook

Sharing Instagram Pic on Facebook

The hashtags that was tagged in appears as just words and simply not clickable so, it just stays there, like an annoying extra tail that does nothing but just sits there.

Facebook has now then finally decide to introduce hashtags to the scene. #finally
Soon enough, all your instagram photos and tweets that includes hashtags, will be clickable in facebook.

I personally feel that this helps the people to reunite more with their friends and interest. Combining this aspect of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter together, i can see another step of innovation in the social media, and how we can now then promote new things, find out what others are discussing, in our very own Facebook.

I have a thought where if lets say i was to type in my favourite show or concert , perhaps #gameofthrones then, everything else that comes into that, people who’s sharing it on Instagram might show up on facebook? Or is it just limited to facebook hashtags? That I’m still not too sure.

“Hashtags are already happening across Facebook, but now they will be clickable and it will pop out a hashtag feed,” a Facebook spokesperson told ABC News.

Is it a good thing? What are your thoughts on Facebook about to implement hashtags?

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Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

The daily prompt asks

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

Kosovar kids

Kosovar kids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I was given a week, I would like to write for someone who helps other people, goes around the world for a cause, and for a change. I think that would be really helpful. I could do my best to write how he or she does, and post it on their behalf, maybe someone similar to Lifeoutofthebox.

I think I’d like to try being the blogger who’s constantly interacting with people helping out the people in need. I’d like to try to help out with bullying problems, kids who needs education, in need of better medical facilities, and update his or her readers on about real time situations.

Why? I feel that because these people are really just amazing bloggers, who are willing to go to such an extent to give themselves out to the world. They could be the one who makes little or makes a lot of difference, yet still they’re constantly engaging readers to know, updating readers by probably helping to raise fund.By connecting them with other readers to create awareness, I think that would make opportunity for even more help.

I think that wouldn’t just make a great blog to read and post, but also a good journey in life that I would like to experience. Putting a smile on their faces 🙂

I might not be able to travel the world now, but hopefully one day when the time comes, I would love to just go around, and make a change.

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Daily Prompt: Goals

The daily prompt for today!

im really happy for today’s question because it allowed me to go back in time to see how i first started my blog, and how was it like posting back then. I shall use this as a life lesson to improve on my writing skills! 🙂

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

The starting of the blog was set up of with a goal to help ease the mind, especially, when it felt like I needed to share things. It’s the reason why I have been blogging. To be able to reach into my thoughts and express it out in words has been a main factor, is why I’ve created the blog.

When I was at the age of 10, i used to keep a diary, and write about my all feelings, the recent breakup, I scribble and drew, talking about the best moments in life. The diary didn’t really give me so much options, except helping me to express, and yet still it didn’t feel so good. So i created a blog, to share and hopefully out of the millions of people here, one would stumble across my page, and that would have felt really good. Someone knowing.

I had been with Blogger since 2004, posting on every day life, and at that point of time, I didn’t really took into consideration about what I posted, because it was actually meant for me to just post something. At times, I could have been blogging about what I’m doing, and some other days, it was mainly just pictures and random thoughts. I had started a few categories, so I ventured out to look for any other blog sites, such as WordPress, LiveJournal, Wix, and a few more sites.

I was really impressed at the WordPress method of managing the blog through by being able to assign to different categories efficiently. It first seem foreign, but eventually I managed to make my way through.

Right after the big move from Blogger to WordPress with the start of the first post in June 15, 2011, I began a new chapter.

As the time pass, I’ve decided to try experimenting with different type of categories, trying to blog about food, advices, fiction stories, and about weight management, daily questions by a site called thought questions, and now the daily prompts section by Daily Post.

Things did come and go, and at some point of time, I  didn’t manage keep my posts on certain categories active, and when i find that it’s hard to write about something, it always came back to talk about life and just sharing stories, about what you know and how you feel.

If i were to put in comparison, what I’ve written in 2011, and in 2013, I would say, I previously have had more photos, and more sharing sessions in the past. Expression was filled with photos because, ‘photos gave a clearer view and was a good way to express what i went through’.

I took the chance to turn something that was simple, and try to see where I can go with blogging. To be honest, there were times, when it just didn’t feel right, “this is not something i like to do”. that kind.

My smaller goals change from time to time, but my main goal didn’t change. To express and ease my mind. To be able to share.

update! *

I used to have these on my previous blog, but i couldn’t find it anymore, the only left remained was gif’s and banners i used to make for the blogger long time ago that somehow left me with some sense of surprise how I really went to customise my blog.


How bout you? 🙂

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Daily Prompt: Dulled

Daily Prompt suggested,

You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp — but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, what sense do you choose?

Linking it back to the previous prompt that i had about having a sense of hearing, that I’ve talked about the other day, upon hearing the news of a mysterious man offering me a magic potion, i had developed the supernatural ability to have a super-human ability to listen at great expectations.

Upon finishing up the magic potion , i had thought that my brain was almost going to explode. There was a sharp call, crying of loud noise, somehow just squeezing right into my eardrum, almost impairing my hearing senses, i didn’t hear anything else, but the loud screech that blasted my brain, much like what you feel after someone gives you a tight slap in the face. I fell down on my knee, hugging myself in hope of trying to contain that unbearable pain but up to no avail, cursing at the mysterious man, who’s putting me at the  position im experiencing.

My eyes started hinder and it was blurry , A wave right down my spine, spreads throughout my entire body leaving me with a feeling of numbness, unable to hold to empty glass of magic potion i drank earlier, it dropped to the floor, and cracked.

Then, there was complete silence. I looked up to the night sky in hope for some clearer view, but all i see is the dark smudging the night lights. The mysterious man was gone.

I heard a voice, it’s getting even louder, but i don’t see anyone near. It sound like it came from the front, but i don’t see anyone. The conversation was loud, so i turned around, just in case my mind was playing with me. I walked in front hoping to find something,and that’s when i notice a park.

Right after, a moment, right at the far end of the bushes parallel to a tiled walkway , a group of guys, appearing suddenly from the shadows of darkness in sight were walking, happily laughing. Voices sounded familiar, much like the one I’ve been hearing, but these very people were not just far away but out of sight. How can they be heard so far?

Curious event, maybe it could have been another group.

A noise came from the back, a light was flickering away, but it couldn’t have been possible because the light i saw was at least about a few meters out in the open field. The sound was almost microscopic , that even the smallest of sound was an agent to my hearing stimuli.

Looking at the nearest estate building apartment nearby, i hear a baby crying, a man arguing with a woman, “you have to stop this habit, your gambling problem is an addiction that’s harming not only us, but our baby”.

A dog was barking, a cat, screaming out of shock, and replies of banters and hissings. I was astounded, and as i gave focus on what i was able to hear, i also heard to clangs and clatters of a nearby coffeeshop, someone stirring a metal glass, a gut feeling telling me that’s someone just ordered a cup of coffee with carnation milk.

The flutter of a group of bats, flapping from tree to tree right above me, the sound of the water rushing in to the drain, below me, and a car that braked too late at the end of a traffic light causing a screech of rubber against gravel and dirt.

Everything was in comparison. The superhuman ability was real, and it has allowed me to eavesdrop things that was away, and things that were too soft to be heard by the ‘normal’ ear. Things that couldn’t have been seen, things that are most likely happening in the distances ahead.

I know it doesn’t end here. I’m not so sure what are the side effects, but i know its getting stronger, after each passing day. I might be able to hear, the sound of a television coming from a neighbour’s house, the communication among a few dozens a few kilometers by few weeks after, and i might then be able to hear the sounds of the vast ocean in my own house, in a month.

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Daily Prompt: Helping Hand

Daily prompts comes out with good questions, and for today, the topic is ;

Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.

The most surprising helping hand huh, Hmmmm. Good question!

There was a time, the land before time,  where i wanted to feel better. I wanted to feel more muscular and i felt like i wanted to go and train myself and work out. I was so eager to go the gym at school, but at the same time i felt quite intimidated by the people there, those guys who were bigger than me, with their huge arms, comparing them to my skinny arms, every now and then.

I didn’t know what to do or where to start. I started following people blindly, and copy what they do, and i was already struggling halfway through each set. The cold stares didn’t help either. I didn’t  know what i was doing, really.

After some time going to the gym, i kept seeing the regulars who were always there and one time, I was approached by a few people  at different times who’s training in the gym, and surprisingly they came up to me and decided to help me out with my weight training and push me harder so i can get the best reps possible. I can’t carry heavy for nuts,so they told me to start slowly with a lower weight.

Never be afraid to start small, and light.

and i also realised later that’s its not really about the size of that metal plates that matters but about doing it right.

Some other important thing that helped was they had find the time to explain the proper technique, like not to shift your body while doing hammer curls, example.

They also taught me breathing techniques and when to breathe in and out.  The good advice they gave me allowed me to understand that going to the gym, is not just about working out, its also about being humble, and helping each other out whenever possible.

They  literally  gave me a helping hand, while doing my set, to help my push my weights when i was struggling.

I think its just that common courtesy of gyming, and i think that its a good thing to practice over now and then.

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