Why Did I went Missing and What I learnt?

Photo Credit: ladybugbkt via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ladybugbkt via Compfight cc

Good evening ladies and gentlemen’s, readers across the nations, up and down and across the nation.

Looking at the way things are going, it has been a little ‘dusty’ so I’ve come with my feather duster to ‘swooosh’ some things  around here.

It has been a busy ‘ productive’ weeks of working out in my new business course, something that I thought would let me get started back on blogging back for a week, but it has overshoot way more than that. It has really gotten me into the zone, and I didn’t want to come back until i had solid ground and came back a more informative man.  You don’t go swimming and come back 5 seconds later and say that you had an effective swimming lesson now don’t you.

The point is I had to do it. I had to make myself focus on the trainings. The journey of discovering my audience, finding out what matters in a blog or business, (at least that’s what I have in plan to turn my blog into few weeks back), has been mind-blowing.

The amount of work covered in hearing from the best motivators, and also through physical workbooks and homework, worksheets has got me going.

And in overall, everything that I have extracted out from the blog, collected from previous works and experiences, thoughts, dreams, emotions, and influences..

I’m ‘Niching’ down my blog, and am determined to serve to a more defined audience for SELF IMPROVEMENT.

It will be a new website, which is still in the process, and it will be a dedicated towards a more specific group of people, focusing mainly on Positivity and Happiness.

I’m still niching it down to serve a particular type of audience to focus on positivity and Happiness, but for now I’m reading up books and building up knowledge.

You know, the best part about it is that discovering what my blog is about, is that it has meant to be for you, so allow me to understand your issue.

I hope that I may join you instead in your boat and journey towards life.

My training is not over yet, but I’ve come to let you give you a glimpse of the ‘trailer’, and hopefully we may still see each other in new era.

It has been a pleasure knowing you. Watch the space and I’ll you update soon!

oh, I’ve new accounts for social media,

twitter :mrnasrinasir
instagram : mrnasrinasir
facebook : mrnasrinasir
email :mrnasrinasir@gmail.com

ok, MR i get it ! 🙂



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What I learn watching Movies alone in the Cinema

I went on a movie marathon alone last Monday. I’d like to share what i know.

It was 9:30am in the morning. The decision was final. I could have just close these eyes and fall asleep into the comfort of the pillow waiting beneath my heavy brain.

Mum woke me up from sleep, the usual routine she would have done on days she came by my place.

Adhering to her questions, ‘what are you doing today? , and that question took me back to a day before.

Plans, no plans. Scroll Facebook, text friends. Nope no reply to my call on a movie. Guess everyone’s busy. Nope he’s not answering to my call, she’s busy What to do? Oh change of plans.Cancel, Shit. Annoyed. Stay at home and do nothing. Chill. Another change of plans. Crap. This is enough. STOP.

Hope that brings some meaning to the decision I’ve made.
Enough is enough. If I’m going to watch movie, I am going to do this with or without.

Breaking into my comfort zone of needing to have a friend to watch a movie, i keep telling questioning myself asking why do i need to wait for people and suffer my desires of watching a movie?


And there it goes.
A movie marathon alone for a whole Monday,  It felt great because those movies that i wanted to watch was finally cleared. I managed to watch ‘After Earth‘ in the morning, lunch and  followed by ‘Man of Steel‘ at noon, and finally ‘Now You See Me‘ in the afternoon and I can say the experience was all good.

So with all that experience, i guess that will also help you decide if you’re in my situation

Advantages of watching movies alone

  1. No restrictions to what movies you can watch. Having to be able catch a movie you want and then not having to be able to watch it because maybe your friend doesn’t like it doesn’t sound prominent at all.
  2. You don’t have to be waiting for friends. Sometimes they’re late, or change plans last-minute.
  3. You are alone which means, you can fully concentrate watching your movie with no one to bother you. Actually even if you’re in the movies with your friends, people are hardly talking to each other, unless they want you to pass the popcorn.
  4. You get to watch your movie
  5. Learn to be independent
  6. Make new friends, perhaps if you happen to see another solo movie go-er.

Disadvantages of watching movies alone

  1. Most likely you’ll feel conscious about how others are not alone, and you are.
  2. You can’t really talk about what’s going on with friends, if you’re the kind of person who likes to talk and watch at te same time, (but hey it makes good conversations on other days)
  3. No hugs if you’re afraid, chance to get hugs if partner’s afraid. 😀

Watching the movies alone, really taught me a valuable lesson. I feel that honestly the society’s thinking is still having a weird perception of people who watches movies alone, and I think we can change that.

It’s not lonely or sad to watch, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t watch with our friends whenever we can. I can say, that it’s a balance between both. We shouldn’t let our friends decision control whether we should watch a movie. If I want to watch a movie, I’ll watch it.




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Dad, I hope you can change to be better.

I wish I was able to feel how others would feel for Father’s Day, I really do. I enjoy seeing friends post how their dad is the most awesome, the most respectful, and most caring dad they could get, and someone who’s been through a lot yet still take good care of them.

I really can’t feel it this year though. Not with what has happened within my own family. I would text him saying Happy Father’s Day, but it would be just damn straight to the face and blunt, because I feel like I’m doing it ‘for the sake of saying it’.

Dad and I, hasn’t been on really good terms, and as much as I do appreciate what he can bring to the table, I sometimes wish he hadn’t had created continuous problems in the first place bringing the family down to the ground.

The closest connection with me and him, was talked over a cigarette and how good it felt  to smoke, and nothing more closer than that. It’s even harder to share things with each other because we didn’t share a common interest.

I did try to ask Sis if she said anything, but i guess we had the same approach as well. If i was to be honest, I didn’t really see him as a father figure growing up, and as much as i try my best to accept the best out of it, it didn’t help, or if it did help me accept him for a while, he would just disappoint not me but the whole family, which I’ve learnt to get over with so long ago.

So, dear ‘dad’, my wishes to you, would be for you to be a better man, if not for us, then at least for your own self.



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Daily Prompt: 180 Degrees

I’ve not posted daily prompts for awhile, but I missed posting daily prompts, because it has really gets the creativity juice going and brain thinking.

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

Recalling the days back, I’ve done so much 180’s, i think there’s too much to say, so I guess I’m going to tell the one of the 180’s that really changed my life and how I think.

Back in the primary school days (not another old story again :D, haha okay bare with me), getting bullied was an normal routine. I was the school nerd, a weird kid really, yes you name it. Crying was routine too. Complains were usual, being the person that i was, i just had to complain to teachers, which eventually escalated up to DM’s and principal, and till my mum came school, but i guess it didn’t help much, because complaining only leads to more bullying.

The 180.
I don’t know why i was treated in such ways, i guess i was slow in understanding, but after awhile i ‘realized’ that maybe I was the problem. I guess instead of complaining, i had to deal with myself. Not to say that i had to fit in, but I guess the way i see it is, if I had wanted to change the way people think of me, I had to change myself. So no more long socks up way up high, better hairstyle, better ‘cool’ shoes ( oh yes how judgmental those days were where they see Kappa shoes), I don’t know, the way i communicate perhaps. Laugh it off to those mean jokes, then eventually things slowly went fine. Lesser bullying, lesser cries, more appreciation.

Coming to think of it, it’s always how we perceive things, you know. Changing one self is easier than trying to change someone’s else and I don’t agree with bullying, i think it’s really not so much of a good memory to remember by.

It does however change the way i think, see and feel, and I did have to go through it understanding the hard way. The future children does not have to go through the process, which is why i think that this 180 is the decision i had made.
 Start doing something about it, understand yourself better.


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Daily Prompt: That Stings!

Without this book, i might not be who I am today. There was an amount of influence in this that have totally change my life, and I’ve read this book and its sequels, and the one that stings me the most out of all the other books is a book called The Meta Secret.

Browsing at  a bookstore near my area , i was at the self-improvement section, and there it was, right at the corner of my eye, i catch of glimpse of the book, and just something about the book makes me feel “Ok, I’m getting this one today”. Imagine a shiny glow surrounding this book among all the other books stacked in the shelves. (that’s how I see it in my imagination.)

If i were to describe it, it seems that at the point of time, when I was just searching for something more in life, and there was so many questions in my head. Literally, I went to the book, but somehow it was like a sign and this book came to me instead.

During the journey of reading this book, I was so indulged in its work and the pieces that was put together by so many strong individuals. I’ve read the book almost twice, and I’m still learning the secrets that lies within. Whenever I’ve lost a grip,the world is upside-down, this book helped me understand myself  and the universe better. It seems almost that this book is something that life takes upon itself and it made sense to me. I can visualize and see this half story/ half documentary book in my head.

Teachings of Laws of the Universe, and how we play a part in it, a teaching of wisdom, that’s what I manage to understand through it. Talking to an inner-self, allowing myself to express how i feel, that positive vibe, a sensation i can never explain, but just understand were all by this very book. 

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Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth

Question here today.

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

Giving in some thoughts to this question, another daily prompt, and had the title as ‘plead the fifth‘ , you know, I’ve never known what it meant until i search it out just now, pretty interesting topic.

I’ve been thinking and thinking about this, it’s taking me quite awhile to get an answer, my brain isn’t giving me much of a scenario to reflect back on. A typical answer that i thought about, was asking the obvious, like ‘what are you doing’ when I’m actually doing it in front of them, but giving it a second thought, i actually don’t mind that type of question, because though it’s not necessary, its not something i hate.

I think the closest question I don’t like to be asked about is shooting me a question. ‘why can’t you be like _____, comparing me with someone at the same time making myself feel very demoralized.

I kind of feel that is general, it’s a really demotivating question to start with. I’m sure there’s better ways of asking what was intended in mind. A rephrasing of the the question to ‘What do you think about ____, i think he’s could be your motivation factor, would you like to give it a try?

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