Daily Question By Thought Questions : Fear of Falling

I think a fear that i know is holding back is still the fear of falling down. I’m still a little bit traumatized over a series of events that has caused me to fall. I’ve dreamed of jumping down from a high story apartment recurring for 5 times in a single night. A few series of falls that I’ve taken into when i was young was on double deck bed and i landed on my head, so now, there’s a patch somewhere in the left corner of my head which is bald. If you’re asking, its not so obvious. haha !

I personally think that this fear actually prevents me from wanting to try daredevil rides, so its always something that is holding me back.
Just to ensure you guys, I’m not afraid of heights* , I just have a fear of falling down.

Of course, I feel that I have to do something about it, fight this fear, and so far, I’ve been taking slow baby steps, and being more confident of myself doing those high rope activities, crossing over, jumping over obstacles like those high elements.
That makes me thinking maybe i should organize i few high elements activities with my friends, to get this fear out of my life !

How about you then ? What is your fear , come and share with me, please don’t be shy ! 🙂 I assure you then I’m not your fear 😛

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Life 10 Years ago

My life 10 years ago wasn’t exactly all sweets and chocolates. Going back into the past years, I find myself looking over at puppy love and crushes, bullying, and also being in the nerd days. I wasn’t one of cool kids in school. My socks was way above my ankle, and my short pants and big butt, didn’t help me with my image either. BAHAHA!, I cry a lot in class , I had to admit that but I guess when you cry once and complain about it, people have the tendency to want to see u cry even more so that’s school. Oh well the days.  After school,  I’m home most of the time and also on my Gameboy! Smile Other than that, it was just outside activities, and the fun time with my cousins as every Saturday, I’ll be going to my Grandma’s place, hide n seek, catching, going to the arcade was the fun time. I guess the perks of being 11 on that day, was that I knew how to had fun Smile 

What’s yours?

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Knowing your Limits

Answer :

I’ve always feel that something that should always be taken seriously is knowing your limits.

I believe that no matter what happens in a situation, we should be able to be smart enough to understand when to react seriously or when we can let loose. I’m not saying about the normal jokes that you may choose to joke with your friends, I mean jokes are definitely fine, but sometimes we just have to know when to stop, knowing your limits.

Listening to the parents nag might not always be taken seriously either. I feel that simply parents nag because they care, but it is just necessary to at least listen to them and gather as much knowledge possible without having to try to distract yourself like using the handphone or such.

It is really important to know your limits because pushing further might just turn a good day into a really bad one.
What’s something that should always be taken seriously?

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