Daily Prompt: You, the Sandwich

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. 

The burgers out of all the other burgers, will be named the Stoner Burger. It packs a punch that makes you want to sit there stoning and enjoying every oomph bite.

The duo stacking thick beef covered with melting cheese that oozes out each time you decide to put your mouth in, will make you wonder why you’ve ever want to eat anywhere else,

Fresh juicy tomatoes and crunched lettuces giving you the natural classic burger wrapped in a layer of fried egg that goes in between the thick beef. Patties with soft tender quality bread, that’s easy to deal but still huge in size.

Served with huge french fries, and a good warm mash potato, by the time you’re done, you’ll be Stoning in your seat.


inspired by daily prompt

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Daily Prompt: Morality Play

Daily Prompt Morality Play

Where do your morals come from — your family? Your faith? Your philosophical worldview? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?

Morals have been taught through my generation of family ever since i was young. Back then, grandma with her own methods, choose to teach me through different warnings. Being in the Singaporean or so-called ‘Asian’ background, if you’ve not known, has one of the most strictest parents, brought it a very conservative nature.

“No staring”, ” “Don’t say pig”, No this and that and what nonsense. “No climbing the walls”, I guess I never would understand why I cant, and if I were to say it or do it, I’ll most likely see the cane gripped into the palm of their hands. That’s when I know ‘okay this is wrong’

Morals was built upon lessons and lessons of trials as a kid. I’ve sooner or later learnt that the more good things I do, the more rewards I’ve managed to get in return. I was annoying and irritating as a kid trying to persuade others into getting what i want, but I’ve learnt that winning the hearts of my parents by being ‘good’ was more effective than trying to whine and get what I want later in life, so that tackled the source of the problem, my morality.

Other than that, morals just came in through reading of books that helps to understand the difference of right and wrong, though sometimes i still do believe that there’s no right or wrong answers, just good and bad choices. Then again, sometimes i believe that there isn’t good and bad choices, so just follow what’s feel’s like its right at that very moment. So now i kind think it’s best to follow what works effective.

I’ve also got to admit, at first it was hard to deal with those who has a different approach to the morality that I have, but I’ve learnt, that not everyone was born in the same way or condition as I was, so their views might be totally different, and i respect that its their morals they choose to live with.

At certain times, I’ll try to give my two cents worth to see if they’re willing to improve or accept a new moral to benefit their life  but not to force them to change, so that it really benefits me.

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Daily Prompt: You’ve Got the Power

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

For All Mankind

For All Mankind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The patience of mankind is on the line here. There are so many laws, some laws  are important to some people , maybe not to others. I can think of many laws that i might want to change in my own country, but not applicable to other countries.

I can’t tell you the details of all the laws they have everywhere, or even in the US because I don’t follow them or know much about them. I can though roughly say that if there was a law that I’d like to engage and enact upon, that would be to engage in environmental laws, which I feel has a deep impact to society and the whole world.

Be it climate change, environmental issues pertaining to air and water supplies across the world. Supporting non-profit organisations to save the world we still need to call home. I believe it’s a broad category. I think that i would really focus on enacting these laws, if i was given a chance, i would.

I’m sure you want too (unless you’re planning to get roasted in the times to come from the glaring hot sun)

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Daily Prompt: Take Care

Inspired by Daily Prompts

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

When I’m unwell, i tend to try to make sure I’m able to do what i can to not trouble others. I do however, at times call up my mum to see if she knows what I can do.

I used to have others take care of me most of the time, because when i do get sick, I have it very bad, but nowadays i tell myself to do the best i can independently. I do however allow others to take care of me, because i think its a sign of gesture, and really helps a lot with the process of recovering not only physically, but also emotionally, knowing that someone is there to help you recover is soothing and helps me calm down and think that everything’s going to be okay.

Certain help like letting my grandma know that I’m sick, so that she don’t have to cook really heavy food, cause she likes to cook, or letting my mum know so that she won’t have to wonder why I’m not answering my calls when I’m supposed to rest.

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Daily Prompt: The Normal

Is being normal a good or bad thing, or is it neither one of them? 

Stay Cool and Act Normal

Being normal, what does it mean, my mind keeps asking the same question again and again, and I’m trying to define normal, but i think what I’ve got in my own perception of being normal, is to be a one’s normal self, but then again how normal is normal?

The way i see it, being normal, is just being me. Is there then a borderline between the range of normality, of how good it is and how bad it is?

When it comes to being normal, everyone defines it differently, and in my own opinion, i see the goodness of being normal as when you’re with your friends, and with everyone else that sees you for who you are.

However, i see a weak spot for being normal when it comes to trying to ace interviews, get a speech out to infront of an audience (especially if you are having stage fright, or put on a good first impression to a business client, that you’re confident, and steady with your approach, and sometimes you have to be someone better than your normal self.

So how do i put it,

Being good to one’s self  is having to be yourself to the extent  of going having to go beyond normal for the better self.

Does that even make sense? Maybe you have a different impression of being normal 🙂

Inspired by Daily Prompt


Daily Prompt: Four Stars

Daily prompt gave me a chance to write a review about my life, as if it were a movie or a book.

The start of the ‘story of my life’ would be most intense, the day that i was born into a world of hope, if anyone would have been born well, they might have been tainted with shock on their faces, because when i was born, i wasn’t well. Deformed and soft i was, probably with eyes one bigger than the other,and when my Mum saw me in her eyes, she didn’t want to see me at all. Not until I was finally back to normal condition. Now isn’t that a gritty way to start a movie about my life. It might have been true, at least that’s what Mum said.

(I would say that not everything was born easy, the concept of it shows, how, even as normal as one may be, there’s surely something that marks a baby, an event perhaps. There’s so many babies born with a few story or none except only later in life, but a baby with story on how he was born and the first few words coming out from his mum that leads to probably a bit of different kind of feeling, maybe that could have made it different.)

The chance to be normal isn’t easy. The hardships that would have gone through any other human being in this planet, is more than less. Not all people might go through this. School bullying was common, and the tough life of a probably slow kid in school, and going through the hardships,

‘to feel hurt, to feel lost, to be left out in the dark, to be kicked, when you’re down, to feel like you’ve been pushed around. ‘Welcome to my life’ – Simple Plan.

(I think everyone can relate to that. Maybe in some sort everyone’s childhood life, there’s always that guy in school that is the joke of others. I was that guy for awhile. Which i think a movie talkin about struggles and hardships a good movie to watch and learn from. )

But like all other school movies, there’s only something special that’s hidden in each gem of those being bullied. Developing some sort of alter ego, questioning one self to the life, trying to improve one self, trying to find the meaning of life allows me to always want to express more, dreaming away, and that could have all be a factor, to all the ability to express even more from deep within. Finding a way out of each hell hole, looking for more things in life.

(I think, that with every struggle, comes more strength to endure, and that’s life, we’re looking at another human being feeling something)

Ending off the movie, would be a guy still continue to search for the thing in life. Spending time to blog, school and grow. Grow old. Maybe there would be part two, but not to soon.

If my life would have been a movie, it could have been a watchable one, maybe somewhat like ‘Perks of being a Wallflower’ and ‘Diary of a Whimpy Kid’

Would it be watchable and good to watch? Maybe you can decide, because I definitely enjoyed watching mine.

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Daily Prompt: The Zone

Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

The prompt, seems like its almost like a bonus question. and I’m here to share with you that I’m always most of the time in my zone when I’m not doing anything that requires a lot of concentration. I don’t know how to say this, but you can call me the prince of ‘zoning’, but stoning, or daydreaming might sounds a more appropriate.

Welcome to my zone. If you’ve ever experienced or want to experience how I zone in and out here’s some things I can share, and at any moment, if you’re lost, unsure or feel unease, or feel ‘blarghhhh’  you make choose to skip some parts.

~Thinking is not (Zoning) and is not Dreaming~

A casual, typical day of Stoner.

1. Pre-activity zoning.
The time it takes for someone to zone in and out, and the amount of time that one feels in a zone, is lesser. Have you seen Inception? :O I’ve experience a typical zoning, every time I’ve wanted to prepare for things. Having a run? Well, I shall just zone in, while walking to my starting normal route, and once I’m done, i realised that I’m already at the start line.

2. Zoning Awaiting.
Most likely, this happens, while I’m awaiting for something to happen, or reaching somewhere. At this time of inactivity, my brain goes into another screen to actually make me stare into space. This might be a natural for someone, because when you’re not in activity, you will find something to do, maybe listen to music, or using your phone, but some others choose to zone out, and day dream, without the most conscious thoughts of planning for future , e.g shopping list, what to do getting back home, but just pure day dreaming, and making things up in the mind. Relax your mind, clear things out, try not to even see things in front of you, and just feel it.

3. Thinking of Zoning
This might not be natural to you, but while some daydream not entirely in purpose, I choose to zone in because I find it interesting and allows me to find out the possibilites of another path. It has become almost a natural thing for me, that i look like I’m daydreaming even when I’m not, which isn’t always the best option, and I’ve improved myself, to not look like that when I’m supposed to be my best self, but in normal days, I’m just me. Can you imagine now how hard it is for me not to look the way i should look naturally?  🙂 Mum likes to push me every time I’m in my own world, to not look so ——–‘ in my own world’ .
Now I can on and off my zone time, when i need to , like a switch, which is very hard to master.

4. Creative Zoning
The best part to access this zoning part of you, is the creative side of the brain, it makes up of all the illogical and nonsensical part of you, that sometimes makes no sense, but it also access the wonderful imagination that you possess,which makes it interesting, and makes it even harder to resist, which makes it even harder to zone out of.

5. Zoning while trying to sleep.
Zoning while you’re sleeping is not good if you’re tired because zoning requires a conscious thought, that’s similar to daydreaming but not to the normal dream.
At times, I can’t put myself to sleep due to zoning. It keeps me awake and aware of so many things that I’m zoning about, yet at the same time it’s not really an unconscious dream, that allows you to sleep peacefully. Hardly at times, does the story of me zoning in, have any similar thoughts to a dream, you can easily identify this, if you’re feeling a pressure ride at the sides of your center foreheads, as if someone is pressing their thumbs against it, or like as if something is coming at you exactly at your forehead, and that’s when you know you’re not dreaming, but actually zoning in, thinking most likely after that.


What do i zone about?

Mostly about how things could be if I’d put my words a different way, how certain events would unravel itself, how the day would be if I acted differently, a possible thought that allows me to keep me going, is positive outcome, that i repeat and improve over time.

  • What would it be like, if i constantly look at the person sitting right in front to me, in my thoughts,(not in real), or
  • what lifestyle did the guy in the Mercedez Benz, have (upon seeing the car while crossing the road),
  • when searching for advice going through an experience i had, or someone’s advice
  • imagining how one would feel, and going through his/her shoes.

Now that I’ve put you through a constant thought of what it’s like when I’m in the zone, what puts me in the zone?

Whatever it is that i want myself to be in the zone.
Call me a dreamer, yes, even while writing this post, i was zoning in to my thoughts, – oh and i just written this for close to an hour, and i didn’t know that either. 

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